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What is the Ultimate Blog Challenge?

Hosted at Ultimate Blog Challenge, this is yet another daily blogging challenge held every quarter, in the months of January, April, July and October. You can click on that link to read more about them.

In the "Ultimate Blog Challenge", we have to write 31 "text" posts in 31 days. So no Wordless Wednesdays during the challenge, I'm afraid! (Well, you could sneak some in as an "extra post" on some Wednesdays! Nobody's forbidding you to write more than 31 posts during the challenge months!)

They don't give a fixed set of daily prompts for participants, but they do send us some daily writing ideas, apparently, to get those creative juices flowing.

So far, I have attempted the "Ultimate Blog Challenge" THREE times here, and successfully completed it every time. Here are the links to them:

Season 1: January 2013: Rushed Reflections
Season 2: April 2013: Spring Cleaning
Season 3: July 2013: Summer Drive

I do have plans to participate in the "Ultimate Blog Challenge" in future too. Will keep updating this page as and when I complete further rounds of it.

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