7 Must-Try Quirky Food Combinations | Weird Food Combinations That Taste Amazingly Delicious

Must-Try Quirky Weird Food Combinations That Taste Amazingly Delicious

So I am not too fond of cooking, as you all probably know by now. But I do like to experiment, and weird food combinations are my specialty. (Much to my Dad's dismay.)

I like to mix and match all kinds of stuff... flavors, ingredients from different international cuisines, spices, sweet & salty, sweet & spicy, hot & cold, spicy hot & chilled sweet... anything really.

Some of my weird food combinations turn out to be surprisingly delicious, while some end up being a total disaster.

Like for example, I recently tried Chinese Fried Rice with Kadhi. It was no good. Both the items had strong "hot" flavors. So they kept trying to overpower each other. Extremely overwhelming on the taste buds.

Next time, I'm going to try Chinese Fried Rice with some sort of Raita. Will update this post when I do. But, until then, DO check out these 7 quirky food combinations that I personally find absolutely amazing.

7 Must-Try Quirky Food Combinations That Are Weird But Taste Amazingly Delicious

  1. Chinese Stir-fry Vegetables with Ajwain (Caraway/Carom Seeds)

    Must-Try Quirky Weird Food Combinations That Taste Amazingly Delicious: Chinese Stir Fry Veggies

    I first tried this for my birthday party in 2011. I was in Patna that time. Had invited over all my relatives. I made Chinese Stir-fry veggies, (with all the usual "Chinese sauces", you know) and at the very last minute, I decided to add powdered ajwain. I have no clue why. I just got a whiff of the combined smells inside my mind, like in my imagination, and then I had to try it.

    I didn't tell anybody though, that I had done something different to the dish. I just let them try it without any preconceived notions, and see how they reacted. My sister-in-law was the first one to ask about it - "Ismein bada achcha sa kuch alag flavor aa raha hai, woh kya hai?" (It has a very good but different kind of flavor, what is that?) :D

    Yupp, everybody liked this combination. But you need to be careful while trying this. Ajwain has a very strong flavor. So don't add too much of it. You just need to leave a subtle aftertaste... a teaser... a hint of a dream that got lost with consciousness.

  2. Cold Coffee with Cornflakes

    Must-Try Quirky Weird Food Combinations That Taste Amazingly Delicious: Cold Coffee & Cornflakes

    This used to be my most favorite summer breakfast until a couple of years ago. Cold coffee with unflavored cornflakes. I usually added some dry fruits also in it.

    It tastes soooooo much better than the normal "cornflakes in hot milk"! For one, it doesn't get soggy within seconds! The cornflakes remain crunchy for quite some time. And two, chilled milk is always more preferable in the Indian summers, right?

    Oh, but the coffee! That's seriously the best part! I'm telling you guys... you HAVE TO try this if you haven't yet!

  3. Gajar Ka Halwa with Papad

    Must-Try Quirky Weird Food Combinations That Taste Amazingly Delicious: Gajar Ka Halwa & Papad

    When I posted my recipe for Homemade Gajar Ka Halwa, and mentioned that we have it with papad at my home, most of my readers were surprised to hear that. But you know, it really does taste delicious. The soft melt-in-your-mouth sugary-sweet halwa, and the crunchy spicy papad. Yumm.

    Try it not just with gajar ka halwa, but with any halwa really... sooji halwa, aate ka halwa, daal ka halwa, or any other halwa that you make.

  4. Grilled Jam, Cheese & Onion Sandwich

    Must-Try Quirky Weird Food Combinations That Taste Amazingly Delicious: Grilled Jam-Cheese-Onion Sandwich

    Necessity is the mother of all inventions, they say. And this deliciously weird food combination was a result of one such necessity.

    I have chronic low BP. And sometimes, it dips too low. Then I need to take some instant sugar and salt. I can just mix sugar and salt in plain water, and have that too, but solid food works better.

    So, during one such low BP episode, I put some jam on a slice of bread, thinking I'll sprinkle some salt on it, but then I remembered I had cheese at home. So I grated some of that on the jam. And then I remembered I had some chopped onion too for something else. So I threw in some of that as well. Then, obviously, the cheese had to be melted. So my Dad grilled it for me on a non-stick pan. And it turned out to be worth repeating.

    Tip: If you have the metabolism for it, use 2-3 cheese slices instead of this little bit of grated cheese.

  5. Honeyed French Fries with Vanilla Ice Cream

    Must-Try Quirky Weird Food Combinations That Taste Amazingly Delicious: French Fries & Honey Vanilla Ice Cream

    This one is not my invention. At least not the "french fries with ice cream" part. I saw it once on the internet somewhere, and (naturally!) decided to try it. Hot-spicy... with cold-sweet... totally my kind of weird, right?

    The honey bit, I added.

    I once attended a Chinese cooking class in Kanpur, in which one of the desserts we learnt was "Honeyed vanilla ice cream with crispy fried noodles and sesame seeds". That was just super classy! And that's where I got the honey idea from.

    Tip: You can sprinkle some roasted sesame seeds on the honeyed french fries too. The extra crunch is quite delectable.

  6. Jam & Cottage Cheese (Paneer) Toast

    Must-Try Quirky Weird Food Combinations That Taste Amazingly Delicious: Jam & Cottage Cheese Toast

    Cottage Cheese toast, or paneer toast, as it is known in India, is my usual breakfast these days. I sprinkle some oregano flakes also on it, because they are healthy for the digestive system.

    But after that accidental "grilled jam, cheese and onion sandwich" discovery, I realized that some deliciously amazing combinations could be made with jam. So, I decided to add a layer of jam too, to my paneer toast the next day.

    As I had expected, it was simply awesome! You have to try this too, if you haven't yet! Trust me!

  7. Veg Macaroni Pasta, Seasoned with Cumin Powder

    Must-Try Quirky Weird Food Combinations That Taste Amazingly Delicious: Veg Pasta Macaroni Cumin Powder

    My cousin Rishabh (the one who stays in Guwahati) first showed me this uncommon usage of roasted cumin powder (bhuna huya jeera powder). He has always loved cooking from a very early age. Even as a kid, he used to do all kinds of experiments in the kitchen. And luckily for him, his mom (my aunt) never stopped him.

    Once he was visiting me in Patna and said he wanted to make pasta with white sauce. I said okay, but then he did two things differently. 1) He used roasted cumin powder, and 2) he sautéed the vegetables before adding everything to the white sauce. Both did wonders to the flavor of the dish, and the aroma of the roasted cumin powder... mmmmmm! That's indescribable!

Must-Try Quirky Weird Food Combinations That Taste Amazingly Delicious
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So these are the 7 must-try quirky food combinations that I will highly recommend to you today. There are many more such weird but amazingly delicious food combinations that I have tried and enjoyed. I will take pictures of them too, and update this post gradually.

So tell me...

Are you as much a fan of weird food combinations as I am?
Have you ever tried any of the above quirky combinations?
If yes, then how did you like it?
What other weird food combinations have you tried and liked?

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A Tarkabarka Hölgy said...

Sweet cottage cheese is very common in Hungary, usually for pancakes. I have friends who swear by fries and ice cream, I never tried it myself. I once accidentally put cumin (instead of caraway) in my cottage cheese and paprika bread spread, it was a whole different world...

The Multicolored Diary

Shilpa Gupte said...

I liked nos. 5, 6 and 7...so, but I might replace jam with something else....I am not a jam-fan. :P
You do have some really weird combos in your recipe book, Kaddu! :P I mean, gajar ka halwa and papad???? Amusing, indeed!
The only weird combo in my list is Vodka with kokum sherbet...:D
Don't try it if you aren't into it....if you are game, then do try and let me know how you liked it.

Susan Scott said...

WOW! I'm sending your post on to my daughter in law who's doing a chef course in Cape Town!! This morning I wanted to make a smoothie with all sorts of strange hings in it - carrot, apple, pear, cucumber, celery. My blender gave up on me, in fact 2 blenders gave up on me. I wondered what to do with all this lovely healthy stuff so later on I simmered it on the pan for a bit thinking 'cooked cucumber'? It was DELICIOUS! An onion chutney with cheese is heavenly! Fresh juice on cereal is yummy! Mayonnaise with chips is heaven ... I'm going to try all these yummy things!!! :)

kalpana solsi said...

Chicky, you are bold. I have never experimented in the kitchen in this way. Reading your odd combinations, I was trying to bring the combinations to taste. My son would love honeyed fries and vanilla icecream.
keep experimenting and unleashing your creativity.

Shilpa Garg said...

These are certainly some quirky combinations. Papad with gajar halwa, fries with ice-cream?? I would like to try these! Grilled jam, cheese & onion sandwich seems interesting! Aaryan has his chocos and cornflakes with cold coffee and I do a tadka of jeera in macroni... these are the 2 that are familiar for me, but others are some combinations. How did you discover them?

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