How Often Should You Update Your Blog | Ideal Content Publishing Frequency For Digital Marketing

How Often Should You Update Your Blog | Ideal Content Publishing Frequency For Digital Marketing

How often should you update your blog? What is the ideal frequency for publishing fresh content on your blog for digital marketing?

There is a never-ending debate in the blogosphere about this. Some content marketeers say you should blog daily, some vehemently tell you to NOT blog more than thrice a week, and yet others advise a posting schedule of several times a day!

So whose advice do you follow?

You decide for yourself, because there can be no "one size fits all" in blogging.
Your goals from blogging are different. Your commitments outside of the blogging world are different. Your blog niche is different. Your reader-base is different. So how can your content publishing frequency be the same?
Okay, but then how DO you determine the ideal blog update frequency for YOU?

To answer this question, let’s first take a look at the pros and cons of high blog post frequency.

Advantages of High Update Frequency On Blogs:

  • Better Search Ranks and Authority.

    That is obviously a given. Google loves fresh content. So, all other things remaining same, blogs that get updated more frequently are better ranked on search engines.

    Of course, this is only true when you’ve taken care of the SEO aspect of your content, and you are not downgrading the quality of your articles.

  • More "New Visitors".

    More new content means that there are more of your posts on search results pages. In other words, there are more “entry points to your blog” for new visitors, who find your blog through search engines.

    Again, this is also dependent on the quality of your content and SEO. Sometimes, even just one exceptionally high-quality and high-ranking post can bring in more traffic that half-a-dozen average posts.

  • More "Repeat Visitors".

    If a news channel showed the same news for a week, how often would you watch that channel? Same principle applies to blogging.

    If you don’t give new content to your readers for days on end, why would they visit your blog repeatedly? Unless, of course, you've created some kind of lengthy tutorial, which they've bookmarked and refer to repeatedly.

Disadvantages of High Update Frequency On Blogs:

  • Writer Burnout.

    This is the most common problem with posting too frequently on your blog. You experience what is called "Writer Burnout".

    Posting too often on your blog can affect you as a writer. It can drain you physically and mentally. It can affect your writing quality, and even dry up your inspiration wells. Worst case scenario: it can cause you to give up blogging altogether.

  • Reader Burnout.

    A severe case of “blogorrhea” can affect your readers as well (i.e. the regular ones). They might not be able to keep up with your update frequency and opt to unsubscribe. I mean, let's face it, yours is not the only blog they have subscribed to, is it? So, try to to keep this in mind when designing your content schedule.

    Also, if you plan to increase/decrease your blog update frequency for a temporary duration, then you might want to inform your readers about it. Keep them in the loop, so they know what's happening.

  • Reduced Engagement.

    How often have you left WhatsApp groups because they were too active for you? Every time you checked your phone, there were like 600 unread messages from the group. At first, you tried to scroll through them all, but then you realized that those discussions were already over. It was like reading yesterday's newspaper.

    That's exactly what happens on a very high blog update frequency. It doesn’t leave much time for reader engagement through comments. The “commentariat” are forced to move on to your next post. You are also busy writing your next post, instead of replying to comments on your last post.

Pros and Cons of High Content Publishing Frequency On Blogs

Based on the above pros and cons of high blog post frequency, here are 7 pointers that should help you decide how often YOU should update your blog.

7 Points To Help You Decide How Often You Should Update Your Blog

  1. Blogging Goals.

    What exactly are your goals from blogging? Are you simply keeping a personal journal? If yes, then write whenever you want to write, because none of this applies to you. This post is only for bloggers who are into digital marketing. If, however, that's what you are, then please DO read on.

    How fast do you want your blog to grow in readership? For slow growth, post twice or thrice a month. For moderate growth, post twice or thrice a week. For steady growth, at least 5-6 posts per week are recommended. And for fast growth, you need to post 3-5 times per day.

  2. Blog Age.

    The age of your blog is an important factor in determining your content publishing frequency. If your blog is new, you need to focus more on marketing, than content and readership.

    You must spend time finding other blogs in your niche and commenting regularly on them. Building relationships, so to speak. You must try to submit guest posts on other blogs and article directories, to establish yourself as an expert and gain some “backlinks”. Moderate update frequency is good during this period.

    On the other hand, if your blog has established a decent level of online presence for itself, then you can work more on content creation, to speed-up your growth rate.

  3. Content Diversity.

    If you have a tight niche blog, you should go with slow or moderate content update frequency. Because your readers won't be able to keep up with anything faster than that. They may have queries regarding your content, so you'll need to give them adequate time to engage with you.

    A diverse, all-over-the-place kind of blog, on the other hand, (like mine) with many unrelated categories, performs better with an update schedule of at least once a day, because its reader-base is also equally diverse, and not everyone reads every post.

    So you should aim for a slow/moderate frequency for each of your main categories.

    News blogs/sites are a completely different story. They HAVE TO post several times a day, because readers expect to find the latest information there.

  4. Traffic Source.

    How are you bringing visitors to your blog? What is your content traffic strategy?

    If you depend on search engines primarily, for your blog traffic, then it makes sense to have a higher update frequency for your blog. (As discussed in the pros above.)

    Unless you are in a niche where there is hardly any competition, or if you can create a handful of absolute "killer content" articles, that get linked to from thousands of other blogs. (Oh yes, some bloggers DO manage to do that as well!)

    But, if your readers are regular subscribers, or those who have bookmarked your blog, then you should try to keep it moderate or steady. In fact, even "steady" can be a bit too much if you have a niche blog. Both for you, as well as your readers.

  5. Post Length.

    If you write long, detailed, informational posts on a regular basis, then a posting schedule of once or twice a week is good enough. It gives you enough time to research and write, AND it gives your readers enough time to absorb what you’ve written and have their queries answered via comments.

    Shorter posts, however, can be published more frequently, as these are lighter on the brain cells, and usually don't require much research or engagement. Photo-heavy posts can also be published more frequently, for the same reasons.

  6. Number of Blog Authors.

    This is yet another important point for deciding your blog update frequency. Are you are a solopreneur, or a full-fledged content marketing team, with a diverse set of writers for different categories on your blog?

    Team blogs, or group blogs, also known as "multi-author blogs" can have a higher update frequency, as there is less likelihood of writer-burnout. Besides, they usually have different people for managing the other aspects of blogging, besides writing.

    Single-author blogs should, however, stick to slow or moderate growth. Because you don't just have to do the writing, you know. You also have to prepare the images, do all the internal linking and SEO, manage your blog's social media accounts, respond to your readers' queries, plus all kinds of admin jobs. As such, even daily posts can result in fatigue.

  7. You. Yes... YOU!

    I just mentioned above that solopreneurs should NOT go for high update frequency on their blogs. And yet, I have designed my blog's content calendar to have daily posts! Or at least, 6 days a week! Why is that?

    That's because... "I am ME".

    I have too many interests, and I get distracted too easily. So, if something is not a part of my daily routine, chances are that it will keep getting procrastinated, and eventually not get done at all. I did try "once or twice a week", but before I knew it, I was posting "once or twice a YEAR"! #seriouslyfacepalm

    That is why I say, read all the advice on the subject, but do what feels true to YOU. Because only you can decide what's best for you.
How Often Should You Update Your Blog | Ideal Content Publishing Frequency For Digital Marketing
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So, while there is no fixed "ideal content publishing frequency" in the digital marketing world, hopefully, the 7 pointers above will help you decide how often you should update your blog.

And whatever blog update frequency you decide on eventually, be sure to maintain consistency with it. If you’d like to experiment with it a little, don’t make the changes too abrupt, or at least inform your readers about what you’re doing. You can even conduct a poll and ask for their opinions directly.

So tell me...

Do you have a fixed blogging schedule currently?
How often do you update your blog?
Is it working for you?
Or do you think you ought to change your update frequency?

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Want to Add Something?

the little princess said...

Daily blogging does take its toll!! For instance take this a to z itself!! All my routine has gone for a toss and I'm not sure the quality of my posts are not taking a hit..added to that the burnout like u said!
I think thrice or twice a week would be good gives u time to visit other blogs u like and comment

Sanch LivingLife said...

Apart from challenges like this, I tend to blog about 3 to 4 times a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less. For me, one of the biggest problems if I update too frequently is not getting the chance to reply to comments.

Vinay Leo R. said...

I do not for one moment think that better frequency of updation means new visitors. It's a mix of frequency, plus how often you read blogs that make new visitors arrive on blog :)

Yes, burnout and such is common. What I feel is to update when you want to. The most important factor to decide that is "want" to post. When want becomes "need", then it actually brings down quality, I think.

Chicky said...

I don't know, Leo. I think committing to a schedule works better for most people. If someone wants to get into serious blogging, then he needs to have a disciplined approach about it. Whimsical is okay only as long as you're just blogging for yourself and you don't much care about being read or your traffic stats.

Vinay Leo R. said...

But shouldn't it be even more important to write when you want to even when you are writing to be read? When you stick to a schedule, and commit to it, you are having a need to. So on that day, if you don't have something worthwhile to say, you'll just end up writing something for the sake of. And for a reader, that will show.

Chicky said...

Not necessarily, Leo!

All through last month, there were very few days when I actually wanted to write. I'm sure it was the case for all of us who didn't pre-schedule their posts. Yet, most of us managed to write good posts... posts that offered some value to our readers, didn't we?

I think "want" is over-rated. I think the fact that we have a blog means we have something to express. The soul wants to say something, even if our mind doesn't. I think we are born to express. The nature is always expressing itself in one way or the other. We have chosen to write.

Having a schedule will stop giving our minds excuses to not do what our soul wants to do. This is what I feel. Of course, there are some days when we're genuinely tied up in other stuff, but I don't think it's ever got anything to do with "not wanting" to write.

A Tarkabarka Hölgy said...

Good post!
I have a mix of scheduled and spontaneous posts. I have a scheduled blog series that is one post per week, and I also blog about my performances and experiences as a storyteller. Occasionally I blog about storytelling-related issues. It is comfortable for me, and it fulfills the niche I work with :)

The Multicolored Diary

Sonia Chatterjee said...

Until last year, I ensures that I posted three to four times a week. Then I started writing my second novel. Suddenly I ran out of both ideas and motivation. This year began on a mode of health issues. I decided to let go of all the quantitative stats to focus on one word - fun. Even though this is my profession, I have the liberty to decide when and how of it. So, I barely wrote 2 posts for one qtr before making a come back with A2Z.

Susan Scott said...

Thanks Kaddu - for me it's a juggling act; this A-Z is a daily thing and it keeps me out of mischief! Mostly I write/blog when I have something to say. I must say there is a dear lass who posts about 20 a day and it is impossible to read them - interesting I am sure, but only occasionally do I respond.

Shilpa Garg said...

Such a balanced post which talks about both the sides of the coin. I liked the example of Whatsapp group with so many messages. Yes, I have dont that many times, so guess regular blog readers would feel the same. I think updating my blog 2-3 times in a week is what I prefer. have bookmarked this post and will discuss more on this when we meet next!

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