15 Ways To Find Inspiration For Your Blog Content | How To Find New Post Ideas

15 Ways To Find Inspiration For Your Blog Content | How To Find New Post Ideas

Do you ever go through these phases in your blogging journey where you just don’t know what to write about? You want to update your blog, but, can’t think of a topic that you feel like writing on?

So how do you find your muse then? How do you find a topic that inspires you to write? How do you get those creative juices flowing?

I’m sharing below a few sources of blog content inspiration that I use for finding new post ideas for my own blog.

15 Sources of Inspiration for Developing Blog Content | How To Find New Post Ideas

  1. Other blogs.

    There are so many posts on this blog that have happened because of something I read/saw on someone else’s blog. Sometimes you want to agree with another blogger’s post, adding your own points in favor. Sometimes, you want to disagree with something you read, and you give your reasons for that. Sometimes, their experience reminds you of a similar experience you might have had.


    Occasionally, one of my readers would say or ask something in the comments that would get me thinking. And then I’d write a post around it. Sometimes, they mention something so witty or humorous or even informational, that I feel like sharing it with the rest of my readers too.

    (P.S.- That's one more reason to leave meaningful comments on the posts that you read, 'coz you never know when one of your comments might get featured on their blog.)

  3. Conversations.

    Phone conversations. Face-to-face conversations. Email/chat conversations. Discussions on Twitter, Facebook, and even LinkedIn these days. All kinds of conversations have found their way into my blog posts. Sometimes, of course, your conversations can be specifically for brainstorming.

  4. Google Analytics.

    I don’t check the data from Google Analytics too often, but, whenever I do, I’m amazed to see the variety of search phrases that bring readers to my blog from Google! Occasionally, I’ve written a post or two on some of the phrases that “clicked” with me. You can use these search phrases to find out what exactly readers in your industry/niche are looking for.

  5. Google Alerts.

    Google Alerts is one of the lesser known tools for finding new blog content ideas. It is actually very simple to use. Just enter your keywords and some other details in the form, along with an email ID where it should send you the alerts, and you're good to go. You get to know what others are writing about in your niche. And you can take inspiration from there.

    Using Google Alerts To Find New Blog Post Ideas

  6. What's trending?

    What's being shared the most in your niche? What kind of topics? What kind of headlines? Even what kind of supplementary images? Yupp, I take a mental note of everything. I'm always collecting ideas from the social media - Twitter Discover, Instagram Explore, Google Trends. If you are active on Pinterest, you can also check out what's popular there.

  7. Questions asked by real people.

    Most industries have dedicated forums where people put up their questions to other experts in the industry. A lot of good post ideas can be discovered on such forums. Also on Quora, nowadays. I have a separate niche blog on Reiki, and I have discovered that I can simply go once a week on Quora, and collect a whole bunch of post ideas for the entire week, based on actual questions people have asked about Reiki.

  8. Old blog content.

    Randomly browsing through my own old blog posts often gives me ideas for new ones. Plus, there is always some content on our blogs that is evergreen. You can freshen it up, add to it, maybe make a mini series out of what was published earlier as a single post. Or you can even change its format. For example, you could convert a lengthy text post into a 2-3 minute long video. Or you could make a list post linking to several older posts around a similar theme.

  9. Fixed content theme.

    Like I have done now. Divided my blog into seven main categories and fixed one weekday for each category - MindfulMonday, TenOnTuesday, WorkspaceWednesday, and so on. Having a theme always makes it easier to produce fresh content, 'coz you have a "life-line", so to speak. Something to guide you. Plus, your readers also know what to expect from your content calendar at any time. So it works both ways.

  10. Curated Content/Roundup Posts.

    Sometimes, you don't need to create content from scratch. You can simply offer a collection of useful links to your readers, on a specific topic. For example, roundup posts from multiple food bloggers, on say, "Christmas Recipes". Or a list of "ideas for recycling glass jars" from different DIY bloggers.

  11. Polls and Surveys.

    Using Surveys, Polls and Questionnaires To Find New Blog Post Ideas

    This is also a kind of curated content, in that other people are providing information for your post. I have used this method only once so far, but I have seen some of my blog buddies use it very regularly and quite successfully. The polls or surveys can be done publicly on social media sites, like Facebook or Twitter, or anonymously through Google forms. And then the results/answers are compiled in a blog post on that topic. For example, I could have done a survey for this post's topic too - "How to find new content ideas for my blog?" - and then I could have collected and summarized everyone's answers into a final post on this subject.

  12. Guest authors.

    If nothing else works, or you just don't have the time to create new content, you can always ask other bloggers in your niche to do a guest post on your blog. You get fresh content for your blog, and they get a back link to theirs. Plus, they get exposure to your blog readers too.

  13. Books and Media.

    I love books and English movies. So I can always find inspiration for new blog content from them. Quotes, lists, lessons, any number of post ideas. But you could be a TV buff. Or perhaps a music addict. Makes no difference. Content always inspires more content.

  14. Real world.

    Time off from my computer. A walk around my building perhaps. Time spent with some kids. Going on a cleaning spree in my house. Or cooking. Or even shopping. (Even though I still hate shopping. Although online shopping sites have made my life a little bit easier.) But really, anything can ignite that spark, you know. Personally, I get some of my best post ideas in the shower!

  15. My idea journal.

    Inspiration can hit anytime, anywhere. Literally. And if you don't capture it right away, then it's gone. I speak from experience. Eventually, I started keeping an idea journal. At first, I just saved the ideas into a Draft post in my Blog Dashboard. But, as the list grew longer, I realized I needed some sort of organization. So I made an Excel sheet. I keep collecting topics, headlines, quotes, questions from Quora, snippets from other people's posts, even some of my own comments on others' posts! I also have a dedicated folder for "Post Ideas", in which I save longer sample content, images, infographics etc.

15 Ways To Find Inspiration For Your Blog Content | How To Find New Post Ideas
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These are my top sources of inspiration for developing blog content. I usually find new blog post ideas in one of these 15 places.

The best thing about blogging is that once you get in form, the ideas keep coming without much effort on your part. The more you blog, the more you want to blog. It becomes like a cycle.

Do you also use any of these sources to find inspiration for your blog posts?
What other sources do you have for finding new content ideas to blog about?

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Want to Add Something?

Vinay Leo R. said...

My sources of inspiration are absolutely random :) A prompt meme helps sometimes, at other times it's something that irks me or something a friend says that makes me thoughtful etc. Sometimes it even comes when I'm about to fall asleep and then I have to note it down in a memo and save it on my mobile. :D

Sundari Venkatraman said...

I agree when you say "the more you blog, the more you want to blog". If I am lost, I look for news tidbits in newspapers. Then write my take on the subject. It works, every time :)

Sanch LivingLife said...

I use all of those that you've mentioned. Life itself it a great inspiration. I have so many ideas written down, I haven't yet had the time to blog about them all!!

Shilpa Gupte said...

I pinned this post of yours, Kaddu, because I think it's very informative for someone who is new to blogging. Well, even people who have been blogging face the Writers' Block, sometimes, so it will be useful for them too! :P

I find my inspiration while doing my Yoga asanas or during my evening walk. Sometimes I find it while reading other blog posts and sometimes on Pinterest. I have a diary dedicated to my blogging, wherein I jot down the ideas as and when I get them. Then, I arrange them all in my blogging timetable and, voila, I have a month's content ready to work on! :)

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