Book Review: The Immortality Trigger by Douglas Misquita

Review: The Immortality Trigger by Douglas Misquita

The Immortality Trigger
Author: Douglas Misquita
ISBN: 978-1973285373

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The Immortality Trigger, by Douglas Misquita, is the fifth action thriller by the author, the second featuring Luc Fortesque, after The Apocalypse Trigger. Yet another fast-paced and visual epic adventure, this book won the Silver Literary Titan Award in December 2017.

Known for his vast plots and meticulous research, Misquita manages to meet the expectations of his fans yet again.

Blurb from The Immortality Trigger:


Allied paratroopers raid a secret Nazi research facility. The operation is reported as a success. But, the lone survivor, Benjamin Ezra, knows otherwise.


A drug lord, El Fantasma threatens to plunge Colombia into an era of bloody drug wars. DEA Country Attaché, Zachary Mason is in charge of a covert operation to remove El Fantasma, with the help of a vigilante, El Angel, and a retired undercover agent, Raymond Garrett.

In Naples, INTERPOL agent, Sabina Wytchoff, is investigating the death of her parents, when the Wytchoff family's association with an ancient cabal comes under investigation.

After the events of The Apocalypse Trigger, Luc Fortesque, is scouring the world for the man who tested experimental drugs on him.

Wei Ling works for a shadow Transhumanist faction within China's State Council, developing drugs that will enhance human longevity.

Does it even seem possible that these five completely different tales could be connected?

In The Immortality Trigger, Douglas Misquita has done exactly that. And that is why I call this novel an "epic" adventure. From Berlin in 1945, you are effortlessly transported to present day South America, Europe and Africa. So many different places, time periods and characters! This book, like Misquita's previous novels, is vast!

Inhuman science experiments towards the end of World War II, the impending battle between an insatiable Colombian drug lord and his nemesis, supported by people in "high places" who have "vested interests" in this fight, the truth about the "superheroes" of illegal fight rings, and the technological advances fueled by man's never-ending quest for immortality. The book comprises of all this and more.

Misquita's attention to detail continues to awe. Be it the artillery, or the accuracy of the historical timeline, or the sociopolitical references, or the science and technology, his research cannot be refuted. And from his fourth book (Diablo), he has started creating an emotional connect with his readers too. The horrific German atrocities towards the end of World War II have been described in very few pages, but they carry enough graphic vividness to make you thank your lucky stars that you aren't actually there, you're only visiting that era in the pages of this book!

Overall, The Immortality Trigger was yet another fast-paced read in Misquita's trademark style, but this time, it felt like it got over too soon! I would have liked to stay in that world a little longer, know all the main characters more intimately, go on deeper and more incredulous journeys with them. Also, there is bound to be some jargon in a book that speaks military, but when it starts to take away from the natural visual appeal of the story, when the movie playing out within your mind suddenly loses clarity because of a mere word or two, then maybe it's a little too much.

My rating: 4 out of 5. The Immortality Trigger, by Douglas Misquita, is mostly a large-scale action thriller, carrying a hint of historical fiction and science fiction. Multiple stories, each with its own mystery and adventure, integrating into one big story, narrated from multiple angles. Kind of like the X-Men series, only a bit too crisp.

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Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book for reviewing, but that has, in no way, affected my rating and opinions.

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