An Honoured Chef! Day 3 #100HappyDays

Happiness is...

When a dish you cooked for your brother-in-law ends up as the "Profile Picture" of a foodie group on Facebook!

My brother-in-law was in Jaipur last week for some business work. He loves egg curry, so I made that for lunch.

Normally, I serve it into the plates directly from the kadhai (wok). But this time, I wanted a picture for my blog, so I took out my borosil glassware.

Also, I usually don't have fresh coriander in my kitchen. So I do without it. But I had to garnish the egg curry for my picture, right? So I especially made Dad go and get me some of it from the nearby vegetable vendor!

LOL! Just kidding! He was going out anyway for some other work. :D (My Dad puts up with a lot, in the name of my blog, but even he wouldn't step out of the house just to get me some hara-dhaniya for a blog picture!)

Here's the picture then. Go ahead and drool over it!

Attempting #100HappyDays for the first time. Today was Day 3.

Green Monster Strikes! Day 2 #100HappyDays

Happiness is...

Finally being able to figure out why you (and so many other Indians) hate the Airtel girl so much!

Every time she comes on TV, with that smug look on her face, my blood boils. My BP shoots up. I'm taken over by this violent rage... to destroy.

And I've never been able to understand why I react like this.

Until today.

Today, I finally figured out what this emotion is.

It's the green monster of jealousy!

No... not because of her cute looks!

Not even because she is the face (most likely a very expensive one!) of such a huge brand!

It's a simple case of "uski saari meri saari se safed kaise"!

Why is her net faster than mine?

P.S. - Why does she always have to look so irritatingly smug about it? Jale Pe Namak Chhidakna!

Attempting #100HappyDays for the first time. Today was Day 2.

Rich Enough! Day1 #100HappyDays

Mr. Modi bombed the entire nation 4 nights ago, with the demonetization of 500 and 1000 currency notes. The entire country has ended up in a big financial chaos since then. People don't have enough valid currency to buy necessities, pay salaries/wages to their staff, and even medical expenses. They are standing in long queues outside banks and ATMs, only to find out that it has run out of money before their turn came. People with hoards of unaccounted cash are looking for ways to turn it into white money, worried they might just lose it all.

In all this chaos, I'm thanking my lucky stars. Why?

  1. Because I don't need to worry about any unaccounted money.
  2. Because there's no medical emergency (touch wood) or wedding in my family in this period.
  3. Because I have already paid my rent, staff wages and other monthly dues, within the first week of the month.
  4. Because I have sufficient petrol in my car, talktime in my phone, and data balance in my internet plan.
  5. Because I did my monthly grocery shopping last week.
  6. Because I have a few 100 bucks in small currency, which is enough to cover my daily expenses for a week or so.
  7. Because I have earned enough goodwill in the neighborhood that I can get some stuff on credit if required.

So I don't need to go out and stand in long queues right now. I can wait, till the banks have sorted out all the initial kinks in the process and the queues have become shorter. I can wait till the ones with more pressing needs get a bit of cash first.

We live in times when markets are flooded with choices, and everybody wants everything. And gradually, the lines between wants and needs tend to blur. That's when such moments of crisis help us understand what's really important in our life.

Attempting #100HappyDays for the first time. Today was Day 1.