A to Z of Me: 26 Things About Me

Found a new blog tag after a long time. Saw it on Shilpa's blog. It's been started by Debbie Doglady though. I've got to share twenty-six things about me... from A to Z. And here I go...

A. Age : Forty. Oh alright! 38 then. But I will be 40 soon. Like real soon. :)

B. Biggest fear : Having a surgery. (I keep thinking they'll leave a needle or a pair of scissors inside me. Or worse... a watch that plays "Om Mangalam mangalam" every hour!)

C. Current time : 8:09 PM

D. Drink you last had : My favorite... tea!

E. Every day starts with : These days... it starts with pain! :( And then the hot-water bag.

F. Favourite Song : Already told you guys about this one. It's the song Pehla Nasha from Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar. You can watch it again here.

G. Ghosts – Are they real? : They could be. Anything is possible unless proven otherwise.

H. Hometown : Was born in Patna, Bihar, but I certainly don't think of it as my "hometown". Got horrible memories of that place.

I. In love with : Books, music, sunsets, perfumes... so many things man!

J. Jealous of : People who can eat ANYthing and still NOT gain weight!

K. Killed someone : In my mind... yes! So many times!

L. Last time you cried : Crying is frequent these days. Last time was in the afternoon, while doing the physio. God! When will the pain go?

M. Middle Name : None.

N. Number of siblings : Just one sister by blood, but have got several "adopted" brothers.

O. One wish : Right now... I just wish I was healthy again... with no food restrictions and no movement restrictions.

P. Person you last called : One of my "adopted" brothers!

Q. Question you’re always asked : (By the kid customers in my shop) "How can we call you Aunty? You're not married..." :|

R. Reason to smile : Watching the dance series Step Up and imagining myself doing all those wicked arm & shoulder moves! (Yupp, that's the injured part of my body. I'm not even allowed to hold my handbag with that arm currently!)

S. Sounds that annoy you : Incessant honks, hammering/drilling, electronically "enhanced" songs!

T. Time you woke up : The alarm went off at 7... I finally woke up at 8 though, after the pain/hot-water bag routine.

U. Underwear colour : Really now!

W. Worst habit : Overthinking, definitely! (We are alike in this, Shilpa!) There have been so many times when I've wished I could take my brain out and put it in the freezer for a while!

V. Vacation Destination : Anywhere not cluttered and crowded.

X. X-rays you last had : Abdomen.

Y. Your Favourite Food : Woah! I've said this earlier, and I'm saying it again. How is it possible to choose one food over the other? They're ALL my favorite!

Z. Zodiac Sign : I'm a Capricorn. And this is what Capricorns are like.

That was quick. Feel free to take on the tag. Cheers! :)

P.S. - I just realized... I have done another version of the A to Z tag long ago. Check it out here. Some of my answers were so silly back then! :P

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Why Haven't I Blogged For Two Months?

There I was, doing the A to Z challenge in April. Then I announced I wouldn't do it as a daily blog challenge. And then I completely disappeared from this space. You guys must have been wondering what happened to me.


The physiotherapy (refer to this post if you have forgotten) didn't go well. I was started on a new set of exercises, which severely aggravated the pain, until I couldn't take it anymore and changed my physiotherapist.

The good news is that this guy seems to know what he's doing. He's taking it slowly and is able to release any pain during the session with him every alternate day. The bad news is that I am now doing one-hour routines of physiotherapy four times a day.

So, obviously, blogging has taken a backseat.

Have you ever thought about this? It takes just a moment to get hurt, but then it takes months to heal from it! And then there are always some wounds that never get healed...

So much for today, folks. See you when I see you...