Give 'Life' A Bad Name...

I am fed up of people telling me that "life is complicated"!

Life is NOT complicated. Life is simple. As simple as a baby's smile. Period.

You guys make it complicated. (Guys = people)

Because of your lies. That you tell others and even yourself. (Yes, that includes photos and status updates on Facebook.)

Because of your people-pleasing nature. That does not allow honest and straightforward communication.

Because of your "have your cake and eat it too" nature.

Because of your inability to let go of stuff that is not/no longer in your best interests. Including people. Including family members too.

Because of your inability to prioritize your needs/wants.

Because of your lack of strength and/or desire to go after what you really want.

Or worst...

Because you don't even know what you really want.

. . .

Just stop blaming life for problems that you create for yourself.

You're not a fly caught in the spider's web. You are the spider. You built that web. All of it.

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Want to Add Something?

Kala Ravi said...

Why this kolaveri,kolaveri...di? Indeed life is simple, we are the ones to complicate it with our expectations, prejudices, emotional baggage...Well elucidated!

Chicky said...

Thanks Kala

Vinitha Dileep said...

"You're not a fly caught in the spider's web. You are the spider. You built that web. All of it." That says it all. :) Well said, Chicky.

the little princess said...

Ok..first up, visiting you after a long time...(I didn't see any updates for your posts...) and I loveeeee the chirpy, bright and cheerful look of your blog- the alien green pumpkin, the wines, and the colour scheme all included!!

And yea..the's bang on! exactly what I feel too!

Ranveer vishal said...

Agree. Let's shed the complications and clutter the soul. We tend to go over the top over things and why not keep things simple.

Chicky said...

Thanks Vinitha!

Chicky said...

Thanks Princess! I haven't blogged that much lately. Plus, I'm missing in action from BAR as well. That's probably why. Good to see you here again!

Chicky said...

True, Ranveer! And we tend to go over the top for all the wrong things... things that aren't the root cause of our sufferings... while we continue to ignore the real issues that affect us. And then we say that LIFE is complicated! It's crazy!

Abhiroop Banerjee said...

"You're not a fly caught in the spider's web. You are the spider. You built that web. All of it."

Reading this post is like looking into a mirror.

Chicky said...

Thanks Abhiroop. That was my intention.

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