Give 'Life' A Bad Name...

I am fed up of people telling me that "life is complicated"!

Life is NOT complicated. Life is simple. As simple as a baby's smile. Period.

You guys make it complicated. (Guys = people)

Because of your lies. That you tell others and even yourself. (Yes, that includes photos and status updates on Facebook.)

Because of your people-pleasing nature. That does not allow honest and straightforward communication.

Because of your "have your cake and eat it too" nature.

Because of your inability to let go of stuff that is not/no longer in your best interests. Including people. Including family members too.

Because of your inability to prioritize your needs/wants.

Because of your lack of strength and/or desire to go after what you really want.

Or worst...

Because you don't even know what you really want.

. . .

Just stop blaming life for problems that you create for yourself.

You're not a fly caught in the spider's web. You are the spider. You built that web. All of it.