My Favorite Word Search Game for Android

I like playing Word games on my android. They generally use minimal resources of your device and have very simple and very basic interface for playing. I have tried many different word games, including Wordathon for Android that Shilpa got me addicted to for a while. Eventually, though, I just keep coming back to Word Search.

After trying several Word Search game apps on my android, I've decided that the Word Search app from Melimots is the best. Why? Here's why...

  1. You can play it for an infinite period of time. It just keeps bringing a new game. No daily limit or hourly limit or any limit at all.

  2. Word Search by Melimots has the most colorful and cleanest interface of all Word Search android apps that I tried. You can also disable the colors under settings and opt for grayscale.

  3. The game size changes according to the size of your device. So if you play the game on a phone with a bigger screen size, you get a bigger grid of words.

  4. You also have the option to change the letter size if you want a bigger or smaller grid on the same device.

  5. The words in the grid run horizontally (both from right to left, as well as left to right), vertically (top to bottom, as well as bottom to top) and diagonally (in all four directions). So it becomes more fun playing the game.

  6. You just have to swipe your finger across the word you've found in the grid to mark it. It is very responsive to touch.

  7. It shows the list of the hidden words, right below the grid. So you don't have to refer to any other screen for the word list.

  8. It automatically strikes out the words that you mark on the grid, from the list below. Not only that, it also pushes these striked-out words to the end of the list so that remaining words are always at the beginning, visible at-a-glance.

  9. It keeps a record of the best times on the device that can be cleared, if so desired, under settings.

  10. If you get a phone call in between the game, the game timer automatically stops until you finish your all.

Like I said, Word Search by Melimots is the best Word Search game that I have found for android. And it is also my favorite word game to play on the phone if I have extra time to kill.

Do you like playing word games on your phone? If yes, the which one is your favorite? What other games do you play on your android?

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Want to Add Something?

Shilpa Garg said...

Sounds very interesting! I love playing only word games or puzzles on phone. I am a bit skeptical of downloading any game now-a-days. I get so addicted and waste/spend so much time playing games. :D

Chicky said...

That is so true, Shilpa. Once you get addicted to a game, it can really waste a lot of time. That is why I keep very few games on my phone now.

Kalpana Solsi said...

I have never tried my hand at playing word games on Andriod before but your detailed post tempts me to succumb. I admit its addictive but one has to take a check on oneself.

Chicky said...

Oh yes, Kalpana! If we give in to the temptation, then there can be no saving for us! Must exercise strong self control.

the little princess said...

I have never played this one or any other on my mobile! One reason being... it's easy to get addicted ! I know how crazily my friends played candy crush all the time when they were addicted!

elly stornebrink said...

I too LOVE wordathon! :) Interesting that they have an App for it now; though, what doesnt nowadays... ;)

Usha Menon said...

The games are a good passtime.I play on my lap top games like Scrabble,Words with friends.

Chicky said...

Oh yes! Candy Crush Saga! That reminds me, princess... I must ask my sister if she managed to get the game working on her phone! Yupp, she's addicted to it. Or was until a few months ago! Must ask her! ;-)

Chicky said...

Elly, you're correct about that. Practically everything seems to have a mobile app these days! :D

Chicky said...

Usha ji, I download an app for Scrabble too on my phone, but it seemed to use a lot of my internet data every time I played it. So I removed it. Maybe I'll look for another app one of these days. You like word games too?

Mithila Menezes said...

*Cries loudly* I don't have an Android phone! I have a Windows Phone!
I must confess, the apps on my phone are horrible battery eaters. so I have very limited and few apps on my phone. You know, only the ones that I use and need on a regular basis.
I used to play Candy Crush on my phone! *hides face in shame*
But I'll surely download one Word Search app on my phone ASAP. You've really got me interested in this!
And seeing that I am on a blogging hiatus, I might as well have something word-related to keep my fingers occupied.
P.S. That calling feature is super cool. I doubt any Windows Phone app would have that kind of sophisticated features! :D

Kathy Combs said...

Cool. I didn't know they had games like this for android. Will have to check it out. Thanks for the heads up!

Pooja Mahimkar said...

I love word games too.. they are so much fun and uses such use battery

Chicky said...

Oh! Mithila, I don't know of anyone in my circle who uses a Windows phone, so haven't tested that interface at all. I didn't know it hogs resources so much.
I like the Word Search app you've downloaded, based on your description on Facebook. Did you check if it pauses the game automatically for an incoming call?

Chicky said...

Oh Kathy, there are millions of games for android! Just check out the Google Play store on your phone!

Chicky said...

True, Pooja. There are such limited graphics in word games. Probably that's why they use so low resources.

tulika singh said...

We play this one - the kids and I together and it's such great fun.

Chicky said...

It really is, isn't it, Tulika? Even my Dad is addicted to it.

Ls said...

I had completely forgotten about this game. I love it. Highly addictive though.

Parul said...

I love playing games but I dont play on phone. word search sounds good and I should try that. :) Thank you for sharing!!

Chicky said...

It is, Lata. I once had carpal tunnel for days because I played this continuously for too long!

Chicky said...

You're welcome, Parul. It sure is good. Check it out sometime. :D

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