My Favorite TV Show

And it's back! My favorite TV show is back! Dance India Dance, with its brand new Season 5!

The telecast of the auditions started this weekend. Last year, I couldn't watch this show because we were keeping the store open till 9:30 at night. This year, I decided to cut myself some slack. We now try to pack-up for the day at 8:30 pm, so that even if there is a last-minute customer, we still reach home before 9 pm.

It's a good thing I made this change in time for D-I-D Season 5. Looks like there are going to be some really awesome dancers in the show this time. And the judges seem hell bent on having super fun on the set. I thoroughly enjoyed Master Puneet's ragging on the show yesterday. As a matter of fact, I was quite surprised to find out that he's going to be one of the judges this time. He was a contestant in Season 2! He's come a long way, hasn't he?

Anyway, I haven't yet decided whose team I'll be supporting this time.

Are you guys planning to follow this show? Do you have any favorite TV shows? Which ones?

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elly stornebrink said...

I think I would probably enjoy, probably even love that show too if I was living in India! ;) I love to dance after all! ;) I think we have have a similar TV show on dance: So You Think You Can Dance Canada (though I don't think I have watched it as I no longer watch TV). :) <3

Shilpa Garg said...

My fav TV show is Big Bang Theory. Never get tired of seeing even the re-runs. Sheldon is my absolute Fav. I cant stand reality shows and dont watch them at all.

Chicky said...

Elly, no TV? Really? Not even a single minute? That must be super awesome!

Chicky said...

Shilpa, I haven't seen Big Bang Theory. DID and SaReGaMaPa are the only shows I watch. I don't much like the other reality shows.

Mithila Menezes said...

I watch TV shows on YouTube.. And my favourite one is Hell's Kitchen! @GordonRamsay <3 :D

Rajlakshmi said...

Ok so now I am going to youtube all the auditions... gosh they are so talented.
I am glad you are cutting a slack and closing by 8:30. It must be so tiring. Here all shops close by 6 pm, everyday.

Chicky said...

I envy your internet connection, Mithila! Watching movies on youtube will require an unlimited package at a good speed. Sighhhhh...

Chicky said...

Really Raji! This batch of dancers is just too good. It must have been so difficult for the judges to pick the fantastic 15. And this weekend, Salman Khan is going to be there as the celebrity guest. I am so glad I started closing shop earlier.

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