My Favorite Summer Breakfast

I have different favorite breakfasts for summers and winters. In winters, there are so many pretty vegetables available here. So I like to eat a variety of hot things for breakfast... things with lots of those colorful veggies. In summers though, I like to keep it as light as possible. Food doesn't tempt me much in summers. So this is my favorite breakfast currently...

Cold coffee with plain unflavored cornflakes and a light sandwich made of cucumber or onion-and-tomotoes or boiled potatoes or left-over vegetable from the night or slices of cold mango or whatever is available at home really. Oh and I add some almonds and raisins also to my cornflakes.

Have you ever tried cornflakes with cold coffee instead of plain hot milk? It tastes absolutely delicious! One of these days, I'm going to get a flavored Amul Cool milk (Kesar or Strawberry perhaps) and try that with cornflakes. I think it should also taste good.

What about you? Do you have different favorite breakfasts for summers and winters? What's your favorite summer breakfast?

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Mithila Menezes said...

Cold coffee cornflakes? Sounds interesting! ;)
I didn't know about summer breakfasts and winter breakfasts till today.. But I usually eat some cheese sandwiches..
If I were given a choice, I would have doughnuts every morning. Different flavours everyday, all mini sized ones. This is for winter.
And for summer, I would go for muesli and curds! Light and fresh! :D

elly stornebrink said...

Quite an interesting combo Chicky! I sure have never tried that and not sure if I would actually, in part as I don't eat cornflakes! ;) However, not sure if I would with any cereal actually...well, ok, perhaps I can taste it! ;) Yes, my favourite summer breakfasts are cereal and/or granola or sometimes yogurt with granola perhaps, sometimes thin crepes (on a weekend day), sometimes a protein and fruit shake. Winter breakfasts are usually hot oatmeal, flavoured with something to make it a palatable meal. ;) <3

Chicky said...

Mithila! Cheese sandwiches and doughnuts! Wow! You must have a hyper metabolic rate in your body! Me... I can't even dream of having those things on a regular basis! :(
I didn't find muesli that tempting you know. Does it taste better with curd?

Chicky said...

You have a varied mix of favorites there, Elly! I like the sound of all those things. You must share pictures sometime on your own blog.

the little princess said...

My all season fav is a glass of milk with a bowl of oats with flaxseeds and a bowl of fruits. The only difference is that I take the milk cold in summers and hot in winters! Boring? yea I know! :(

Chicky said...

Princess, I'm still to try oats with milk. I've only had it salty so far, with vegetables, in the form of poha. Do you use instant oats or do you first cook them somehow?

Shilpa Gupte said...

My summer breakfast is oats with curds, sprinkled with black raisins and dates. My winter breakfast consists of mostly my fav Italian omelette with toasted bread and hot coffee. Oh, and I also love having chilled coffee during summers. And, reading your post has now made me hungry!!! And, it's time to sleep!!! :D I am sure going to dream about that sandwich and coffee tonight!

Sanch LivingLife said...

Cornflakes with coffee in it? Now that's something I've never heard of or tried. It might make my coffee too sweet though so I doubt I'll be trying it any time soon.

Pooja Mahimkar said...

I love having cornflakes for breakfast but that with cold coffee is something I have never tried!

Chicky said...

@Shilpa Gupte - That must be salty oats, right? And that Italian omelette and totat sounds cool. How do you make it?

Chicky said...

Sanch, I don't like it too sweet either. I take very little sugar in my tea/coffee... like about one-third tea spoon. I just make cold coffee my normal way and then add it to a bowl of cornflakes. No extra sugar. I add a few raisins and they provide the extra sweetness.

Chicky said...

Well give it a try, Pooja. If you like cold coffee, you should like it.

Rajlakshmi said...

cornflakes with cold coffee!! that sounds yummy :D I am gonna try it next time :)

Chicky said...

It is, Raji! You must try it! I happened to try cornflakes with hot coffee purely by mistake. I added coffee powder to the milk, before I realized I was taking cornflakes that day, and then there was nothing I could do about it except just swallow it somehow! It tasted good though. Better than with plain milk. So in summers, I decided to try it with cold coffee instead. :D

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