My Favorite Subject in School

This one's quite easy. In fact, I'm sure many of you must have already guessed it by now. My favorite subject in school was Computer Science.

Well... I got introduced to computers when I was in class 5 (that was in 1988). I was actually forced to take it as a subject, based on my marks in Mathematics. I had opted for something else. Eventually though, it became my favorite subject in school. I think the main reason for this was my Compter Science teacher in school - Ms. N. Kapoor.

She made me develop such a strong liking for this subject that I opted for Science in class 11th and 12th just so I could remain in the same school and continue studying Computer Science from her! (My school didn't offer any other options you see.)

Would you believe it if I told you that I almost flunked Physics throughout 11th and 12th and only managed to get a decent score in the final board exams because of last minute private home tutoring for 32 days?

And Mathematics was alright till they started us on Coordinate Geometry and Differential Calculus. After that, it was all pure Greek. In fact, I might have had a better chance at learning Greek probably.

Oh and Chemistry was another story! I totally gave up on that subject the day we started on Organic Chemistry!

No seriously... you tell me! What would a girl, destined to churn out such literary nonsense on her blog on a daily basis, have to do with organic compound formulas that were so long they didn't even fit on one single line of the notebook?

I know! I know! I should have opted for Commerce or Arts instead of Science, but then I would have had to change schools, no! And then I wouldn't have been able to study my favorite subject from my favorite teacher! [shrugs]

What was your favorite subject then? (Or 'is', if you're still studying.) Have you ever done anything so weird for your favorite subject?

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Mithila Menezes said...

Hehe.. You stayed in the same school opting for science, just to stay under the mantle of your favourite teacher? Now that's awesome!
My favourite subjects, yes, subjects, are Organisation of Commerce and Management (called OCM lovingly by all of us commerce students) and Book-keeping and Accountancy (called B.K. by all).
OCM is more like a study of the business environment, workplace ethics, effect of business policies on Government. And I really love studying this! The sad part is, that we ave this subject only till 12th. After that, the name of the subject metamorphs into something else! And, it also forms the base for the MBA curriculum.
Accounts is my favourite pastime. Like, I can take a sum from my textbook and solve it leisurely, without having to worry about getting the correct answer. Coz, I always get the correct answer! :D (Scored a 100/100 in 11th final exam!)

Parul said...

Fun post K! I never read Computers in school. I come from a small town and my school was a good one but no new thing came ever there. So I first saw a computer in 1997 and I was stunned. I loved how the pointer on the screen moved with the mouse. Those were the windows 97 days..
Coming over to subjects - well, I had a lot of favorites - Geography, Maths, Physics, Digital Electronics, VLSI Designing, Organizational Behavior, Performance Management.. :) :)
I continue to grab opportunities to solve puzzles or use the trigonometry somewhere..

Pooja Mahimkar said...

I had computers in school since like 2nd and 3rd standard and most of the time we ended up playing Dave (Remember that game?) or on MS Paint.

Rajlakshmi said...

Computers was my favorite too. We studied BASIC language in class 5, maybe you did that too, This was in 1995 I think. Since those days I have been hooked. And to utter dismay of my mother I opted Computer science instead of Biology.

the little princess said...

Mine was English and biology. I think I did pretty well in both!

Shilpa Garg said...

My favourite subject was Biology! Simply loved it and the dissection of various animals over a period of 6 years of school and college was fab. My mother freaked out when I used a saucepan (used for making tea) to boil a frog to get its bones for making a project on the skeletal system of the frog. :D

Kathy Combs said...

A great teacher can make all the difference in the world!

Chicky said...

Full 100! that's awesome, Mithila! :D
Uff, you like such heavy sounding subjects! :P
I liked Accounts in B.Com. That was my favorite. I liked Income Tax too. That was cool. I like numerical-based subjects too... don't have much affinity towards theory stuff.

Chicky said...

Trigonometry? You like trigonometry, Parul? You are in a different league altogether then, lady! And how come your favorite list includes subjects from engg. as well as MBA? Have you done both?

Chicky said...

Hey no, Pooja! I don't remember that game. We used to play Snakes back then. In fact, I haven't played much on Paint either. I used to make graphics in GW-BASIC in school. By the time Windows arrived in India, I'd lost interest in graphics.

Chicky said...

Yupp, Raji... GW-BASIC and DOS days! Ahh! We are ancient! Remember all those DOS commands for copying, deleting, and renaming? And there was a DISKCOPY too! Some days! Good you opted C.Sc.! :D

Chicky said...

Princess, I am quite sure you did well in English. That's obvious in your writing! :D

Chicky said...

Oh my God, Shilpa! I had no idea you actually dissected stuff! Ewwww! And boiling a frog in a tea saucepan? That is just so disgusting and unbelievable! And now you're such a cleanliness fanatic! I'm sorry, but, I'm simply not able to relate these 2 personalities!

Chicky said...

Very true, Kathy!

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