My Favorite Perfume: Shalis by Remy Marquis

Shalis, for Women, by Remy Marquis

Yes. This has been my favorite perfume for almost a decade and a half now. I started using it soon after we moved to Patna. And I never fail to re-stock it by the time my existing bottle reaches below the 10% level.

One of these days, I'll ask my perfumer friend to do a proper review of this fragrance if he has time. (You can check out his review of Cool Water for Women by Davidoff. That's my second favorite currently.) I'm no perfumer. So, as a humble layman, all I can say about Shalis by Remy Marquis is that:

  1. It smells great.
  2. It is NOT a fruity smell. (I'm allergic to fruity smells.)
  3. It's fragrance lasts for at least a couple of washes.

I had a fixed store in Patna where I got this from. Haven't been able to find it in Jaipur so far, although I must confess, I haven't hunted much to be honest! When my bottle was about to finish, I just asked my sister to get it from Delhi. But it's available online as well.

If you want to try it, you can order it from Flipkart or or

What kind of perfumes do you like? Do you have any favorites. Do share them below.

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This is my seventh post for KBL Jun 2015: My Favorites.
Link to the previous post: My Favorite Fruit.

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Anonymous said...

wow!! My favorite perfume is an Elizabeth Arden that I enjoy.. but I haven't stuck to one particular brand in a long time :D

Rachna said...

Mine is 5th Avenue by Elizabeth Arden.

blogoratti said...

Looks nice indeed.

Mithila Menezes said...

Yes! I don't like fruity perfumes too.. and hence choose sporty deos!
Currently, I'm hooked to Fa's Caribbean Lemon.. It's super lemony and totally tomboyish! :D

Rajlakshmi said...

I am like Mr Bean when it comes to perfumes , I keep away from them. Although my body cream makes me smells like strawberry overloaded cake. Loved the bottle though, would buy it just for that :)

Chicky said...

Hi Pixie! Seeing you here after so long! Which one do you like by Elizabeth Arden?

Chicky said...

Rachna, I've seen that one, but never tried it. By the way, that's a second fan of Elizabeth Arden here.

Chicky said...

Thank you, Blogoratti! It smells wonderful too! :D

Chicky said...

Ahhh. Lemon would suit you, Mithila! You have that personality! :D

Chicky said...

Hahahaha! Raji, I have a few perfume bottles absolutely untouched, bought purely for the look of the bottles! :P

Shilpa Garg said...

Mine is Cool Water by Davidoff. I love its shape of the bottle as well.

Parul said...

I also don't like fruity smell. I like those jovan musks and recently the Engage perfume sprays are good too :) :)

Chicky said...

Oh Cool Water is awesome, Shilpa. And I agree about the shape of the bottle. Very sleek and stylish. I find it a bit too expensive though, to use on a regular basis! :(

Chicky said...

Parul, Jovan Musk is one of my secondary favorites. I have phases when I like it, and then I get bored of it. Haven't yet tried Engage.

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