My Favorite Indian Street Food

Who doesn't love Indian street food? Bhel puri, sev puri, aloo tikki, paapdi chaat, pav bhaji, chhole bhatoore... you get all these at small thelas along the streets of India. You even get Chinese veg. noodles and momos these days!

My favorite Indian street food is pani puri, also known as gol gappe in some parts of the country and bataashe in others. In Jaipur, they are called pani pataasi. This is what a typical Indian pani puri thela looks like...

Ladies swarm around these thelas in the evening. And the vendor works his way deftly through his various containers, stuffing the empty bataashe with the aloo-chhola mixture and the various chutneys he has prepared in different flavors... spicy, sweet, and sour. The speed at which these guys work never fails to amaze me! Here's one at work...

One-by-one, the prepared bataashe go into such foil or pattal donas that all the ladies are handed as soon as they place their order. We (i.e. the ladies) then pick up the entire gol gappa and stuff it into our mouth, relishing the crunchy, spicy, tangy flavor! Ohhhh! Just thinking about it is making my mouth water!

I have actually bunked coaching classes to go and have pani puri with my friends! Seriously! I don't think there's anything else in the world that can help you achieve that level of pure ecstasy! Every nerve, every fiber of your body comes alive! Mmmmmm!

Do you like street food? What's your favorite?

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elly stornebrink said...

The food photos above look delicious! Yes, we have a lot of food trucks and certain markets and shows and the like have them. Their quality of food is usually really good and there is one that serves Indian food that is really delicious as well! ;) <3

Rachna said...

I love paani puri but not from the streets. I make it at home. :-)

Chicky said...

Oh! So you like Indian food, Elly?

Chicky said...

Wow, Rachna! You make it at home? I wish you were my neighbor! :P Hehe!

Mithila Menezes said...

Yayaayayaya! I too can agree with you.. Pani puri is THE best street food out here! And a fun fact, there's a Pani puri wala just outside our classes! Now you can imagine where the attendance rate would be higher! :D

Nabanita said...

I have never really liked street food...I know I'm boring..My friends always make fun of me with this :) But when made at home I do like having it occasionally

Shilpa Garg said...

Paani Puri is my absolute favorite. But I have never eaten from a road side vendor. It is only Kanha /Haldiram/Bikanerwala's or home made for me :D

Parul said...

I love Pani Puri.. I have had it at any place possible and popping them is so much fun. I was drooling looking at your pictures :D

Chicky said...

Awwww! I am so jealous of you, Mithila! :P

Chicky said...

I know, Naba... home-cooked is more hygienic, but there is something totally crazy about having street food after a fun day of shopping with the girls! :P

Chicky said...

I can understand that, Shilpa! :D
How is it at Kanha's?

Chicky said...

Parul, my Dad has a theory about females going for pani puri so much. He says it's got to do something with the khatti chutneys and the fact that the female body needs more vitamin C. I don't know how accurate his theory is.

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