My Favorite Ice Cream

It's not possible to have just one favorite ice cream, is it? No, it most certainly isn't. Although it is definitely possible to have a slight bias towards one particular flavor of ice cream.

In my childhood days, I was totally biased towards Cassata.

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We used to stay in Kanpur back then. Those who have ever lived in Kanpur will know of this place called Phool Bagh, where we could stop our cars on the central divider of the road and these boys from all those ice cream shops along the road would come running to take our orders.

Our family's order was fixed. So was the boy who used to take our order. Two hot coffees for Mom and Dad, one ThumsUp-with-ice-cream (vanilla) for my sister, and one slice of Cassata ice cream for me.

The Cassata they gave back there used to be slightly different from the one in the pic above. It was more semi-circular in shape than rectangular. The straight edge used to be a thin layer of cake while the curve was solid chocolate that would melt in your mouth! In between the two, there were so many different flavors of ice cream, along with cherries and other fruits and nuts. It was just yummy! Every bite would taste different.

Oh! I haven't had this ice cream since we left Kanpur in 2000. My sister just informed me that it is available as a cut slice now from Amul, but alas, my rotten luck! The shop in my market was out-of-stock on it today! :( That's okay though... I had butterscotch instead, which is my second favorite. :D

What's your favorite ice cream flavor? Or flavors, if they are more than one?

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Vinay Leo R. said...

Oh. Icecreams... my favorite flavor is Mango or Chocolate :)

Mithila Menezes said...

I haven't tasted Cassata served in the way that you've written about.. i've only seen those miserable looking packs of Cassata in the freezers in shops!
My favourite flavour of icecream is undoubtedly, Chocolate Chip Icecream! Though I have taken a fancy for Strawberry Cheesecake too, chocolate is my go-to flavour! :D

Roshan Radhakrishnan said...

Oh, I certainly remember the cassatta you are talking about... it was a fond memory of childhood: the different one since it had cake and nuts and multiple colours :D

Me, I am a strawberry man myself :D


I love the tiramisu ice cream, however that is just my current favorite. I can't commit to just one all time favorite. There are so many!

elly stornebrink said...

I think my favourites keep changing. As a kid, neapolitan, maple, chocolate, vanilla, cherry - we didn't have Cassata though that looks and sounds really yummy! ;) - now with gelato, there are SO many flavours of which to choose...some of those favourites include mango, licorice, green tea (at least at one gelato place)... there are so many and yet I can't recall them! ;) <3

Parul said...

I love ice-cream. Looking into the days you are talking about, Casata used to be the most coveted ice cream. It was every kid's favorite and who wouldn't like layers of ice cream and cake beneath the last bite :)
Now I am very fond of Naturals :)

Rajlakshmi said...

I like a mix of flavour, vanilla and butterscotch mixed together, then some blueberry or chocolate on top ... hehe I usually don't have sweet but when I do I go full on :P I like Cassata too :D Thumbs up in ice-cream!! that's new.

Chicky said...

Leo, chocolate is just perfect for when you're not in an adventurous mood! :D

Chicky said...

Mithila, I'm still waiting for my local shop to re-stock on Cassata!
I had a passing phase of chocolate chip for a while. It lasted for a few years. I'm not that fond of strawberry though, and as I mentioned on my FB page, I found it difficult to relate you with strawberry too! :P

Chicky said...

Roshan! You too a strawberry fan? :O :O :O
But, it's pink!

Chicky said...

Tiramisu? I haven't tried that one so far, Shantala. What's it like?
I can understand having short-term favorites. You do get bored with the same thing after a while. Probably, that's why I liked Cassata... 'coz it had so many flavors in just one slice!

Chicky said...

Elly, I would certainly be interested in tasting green tea flavored ice cream. Although, I wonder, would it taste good, being "healthy stuff"?

Chicky said...

I know, Parul! And so many flavors all together! Plus the cake! Plus the chocolate and nuts! Almost like you hit the jackpot, right? :D [drools]

Chicky said...

Raji, when I was in Kanpur, there was a shop that used to serve vanilla-strawberry combo in the form of a spiral softy. We used to call it "American softy". I loved that as a combination.

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