My Favorite Hot Drink

If you've been around this space for a while, you know this already... I'm out-and-out a tea person!

Here are a few ways in which tea plays an important role in my life.

  • It gives me that much needed mental "kick" when my mind feels sleepy and sluggish.

  • If it's well-made, then it's a perfect mood up-lifter for me. It makes me feel like my purpose in life has been achieved. Full contentment.

  • An occasional, odd-timed, after-lunch cup of tea is a special "bonding ritual" for my sister and me.

  • Similarly, an occasional, odd-timed, midnight cup of tea, along with snacks from the office cafeteria, were a special "bonding ritual" between my old flatmate and me in Noida (when we used to work night shifts).

  • Tea is also Dad's way of making up with me after a fight.

We don't have the milky Indian tea though. We prefer liquor tea. It was quite a coincidence really. My Dad is the only member of his family who took liquor tea. And he got married to my mom, who came from a family where they had liquor tea too!

Having tea together has been a part of our daily morning ritual forever. Here's a picture of it - Tea & Toast!: Photo A Day - Morning Ritual.

We even have halwa with tea and paapad! Here, check this out - Photo A Day: Delicious.

By the way, we also had those quaint English tea sets earlier, like the kind in the picture above, complete with the spout and even the tea-cozies! They're not "transportation friendly" though (the spout and handles break very easily), so we gave them away when we were relocating.

Tea is like a sacred ritual for me, in fact... more meaningful than going to a place of worship.

Do you think I'm crazy?

What's you favorite hot drink anyway?

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Saudamini said...

Tea is a delicious hot beverage...but my perfect cup of tea is with that peculiar taste of brewed tea-leaves (very tea-iish taste), dipped with perfect taste of milk (not adulterated flavored of old milk kept in the refrigerator for long blended especially with veggies and fruits..yuckks..) and sweetened to perfection (neither sugar-less nor too sweet)..All in all the taste of tea has to surpass the taste of sugar and milk..only then its a perfect cup of tea for me...
Apart from it i like green tea, coffee(which again has to have my perfect taste) and hot-chocolate...:)

Chicky said...

Wow! What a description of your favorite cup of tea! That adulterated old milk line was best! Made me go yuckks too... just by reading it!

Shilpa Garg said...

Tea is my elixir too. And I have quite a lot of idiosyncrasies regarding my cuppa.So, I do not find your tea rituals crazy at all. In fact relate to it :D You may like to check out my post here...

Chicky said...

If it weren't for our idiosyncrasies, Shilpa, I don't think we'd have become such regular bloggers. I have read about your tea preferences on your blog... let me see if it's the same post that I remember.

Mithila Menezes said...

Liquor tea? What's that?
I don't really like my cup of tea. But I love those ginger flavoured teas they serve you at Mahabaleshwar and Lonavala.. It's simply delicious!
I have a weird habit of drinking tea. I let the glass remain warm, and make the tea cold before drinking it. :D
I do love Iced Tea though. I have to drink it at least once every week! #HRCollege Canteen zindabad! :D


I am a complete tea person too. So much so that it is a part of my bio. However, what is liquor tea? Never heard of it.

Chicky said...

Mithila, liquor tea is made of leaf tea instead of the grainy tea we normally use. Lipton Green Label is a leaf tea. You might have seen it in stores. We don't boil the tea leaves, we just let them sit for a while in boiled water. And then strain in cups and add milk and sugar.
Oh Mahabaleshwar and Lonavala! That explains the Bada Pav you mentioned on Facebook!
Iced Tea is good... I like it too.

Chicky said...

Shantala, refer to my reply to Mithila above. I like liquor tea because it is lighter than normal Indian tea and not so milky, so you can make out the flavor of tea more sharply. You can also add lemon juice to it instead of milk.

tulika singh said...

Tea is my staple too. I love it that your dad makes up after a fight with a cup of tea. Must drop that hint to the Husband.

Chicky Kadambari said...

LOL! You do that, Tulika. And let me know how it goes! ;-)

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