My Favorite Hobby

I strongly believe that everyone must have at least one constructive hobby. A hobby that helps them express. A hobby that helps them release excess energy in creative ways. A hobby that keeps the mind busy, so that it doesn't get time to dwell on negativity.

I am a person with a hyperactive mind. Therefore, I have been involved in a lot of different hobbies over the years. I love making new stuff, be it through art & craft, or needlework, or cooking (occasionally), or some designing on the computer. Blogging is one of my current favorite hobbies. Watching English movies is another. I also love listening to music.

So what's my most favorite hobby? What's that one thing I like doing more than anything else?

It took a while for me to figure this one out. Eventually it was Dad who helped me realize this.

My most favorite hobby is reading. It is that one thing that I'm addicted to... the one thing that I simply can't control! If I start a book, it becomes impossible for me to put it down without completing it. I no longer remember to eat or drink or sleep or work. It's almost as if I don't even exist here anymore... as if I'm in some other world - the world of the book.

My Dad now gets terrified the moment he sees another book in my hands! To be honest, even I am scared now of picking up another book to read! I have got so many awesome books sitting in my books almirah, waiting to be read. And then there are so many more on the kindle app on my phone! I probably have enough reading material for two years of continuous reading! I seriously need to work on my self control regarding books!

Do you have any favorite hobbies? Do you have any such "addictions" that scare the hell out of you?

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Laurel Regan said...

For me it's blogging, Zentangle, iPhoneography, and reading (not necessarily in that order!). There are so many wonderful, fun things to do - if only I could win a lottery so I could quit work and spend time just enjoying my hobbies!

Carol Graham said...

Mmmm.....I'll have to think about that -- I think my hobby is working

elly stornebrink said...

You certainly are a bibliophile Miss Terious! ;) And I recognize that in you 'cause I am too, having lots of books waiting to be read; however, I don't always have or make the time to read other than commuting to and from work. Seems like you don't have that as an issue though. ;) It's interesting how something so good and 'good' for you for the most part can be 'bad' or addictive! ;) <3

Rajiv Bakshi said...

I am impressed that you have a reading material in store for two years . I was thinking of suggesting you to read my first Book on short stories : Journey from Guwahati to Machhiwara available from Notion Press @ Rs 200 . And it was been Reviewd by your fellow Blogger from Bangalore whose husbands name is VT . I hope you can guess whom I am talking about . Would love if you read but would appreciate even if you like the Face Book page of my Book to get the latest updates of the Book :)

Mithila Menezes said...

Music music and music! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
In fact, the only time I don't listen to music is when I'm attending lectures, or when I'm with my bestie! :D

Chicky said...

Oh Laurel! That's what I dream of too... every single day! It would be so wonderful, wouldn't it? :P

Chicky said...

Really, Carol? That must make life so much simpler for you!

Chicky said...

Elly, I wish I could restrict the reading to my commute time too. Unfortunately, it is just a 3-minutes walk from my home to my store! :(
I know! Something so good can turn out to be so bad that you actually start avoiding it, right!

Chicky said...

Thank you for dropping by and informing me about your book, Rajiv. Will try to check it out.

Chicky said...

That is great, Mithila! Music does go along well with most other activities. What kind of music do you like the most?

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