My Favorite Handmade Work

Note: I couldn't post yesterday due to health issues, so back-dating this post by a day.

I've been surrounded with handmade art-work since I was a kid. My mom was a real artist. She made a lot of pretty things using different techniques. My favorite are these hand-embroidered cushion covers.

The one on the right was completely made by her. The one on the left had been started by her, but then left incomplete. I finished it sometime during my school days. If you look carefully, you'll see it is not as good as hers. My stitches are tighter than hers. They shouldn't be that way. Well, I am a hard critic, even of my own work.

Anyway, I really like the cushion covers for their intricate cross-stitch pattern. I've never done such detailed cross-stitch work on anything else. One day, I dream of making an entire bed-cover using cross stitch. I say "one day" because I know I'm neither disciplined enough, nor healthy enough to start this any time soon. I've got too many pending projects already! [rolls eyes with a sigh]

What about you? Do you like handmade art-work? Do you create art-work? I've seen some of my blog buddies make really awesome Zentangles. I haven't tried that so far, but it sure does look pretty. I'm personally more into embroidery or up-cycling stuff. Do you have any favorite technique of art-work? Do you have favorite handmade art-work?

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Parul said...

I would say the both are same! I loved needle work too when I was growing up. I don't do anything now but by the time I was 15, I had done many cushion and bolster covers, 2 sarees for Mum with Shadow work and my tops..I enjoyed it so much. Now, I think when am not working, I am reading or writing. Thanks for helping me remember those days..

Saudamini said...

All her work are my fav.too .. but i really like ur embroidery of the lady standing under the trellis...its little but nice...and i thot u liked my fish glass painting(its handmade too) mention of i m taking it back for sure...

Chicky said...

Thanks Parul! It's kind of you to say that! :D And Shadow work sarees must have been beautiful! Do you have any pictures of your work? I would sooooo love to see them!

Chicky said...

Oh that lady! Yaaaa! That is also okay! I didn't know you liked it, sis! And your fish painting... tch! That's not even open for debate, you know! If you want it so much then you'll just have to make another one... for yourself! :D

Mithila Menezes said...

We used to have this as a special lecture in school- It was called Needlework.
My fingers are pretty weird. I can't hold a pen the normal way, the way most people do.
But I'm incredibly fast at stitching. I mean, as fast as I am at typing.
We didn't have to make a pattern on a pillow case..I can almost imagine the hardwork we would have to put in in those one-hour lectures!
It's really pretty you know.. I really admired both of the pieces.. And, your mum is an incredibly good artist! :)
But I do remember stitching a design on a tablecloth. It was a purple table cloth. I still use it when friends come over to my place. Just to earn some compliments! ;)

Chicky said...

Mithila, do you still do needlework? I would love to see pics of some of your work if possible.
We weren't really told what to make... we could choose our own product, material, as well as stitches. The teachers had lovely pattern books from which we could pick whatever we wanted. They taught us different stitches at times, or helped us when we got stuck somewhere.
I have a bedcover in progress for almost a decade now! I don't know when I will complete it!

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