My Favorite God

I am not a religious person at all. I don't do the daily puja and stuff. I used to till a few years ago, but then I realized suddenly that all this ritual worship is just not my thing. That doesn't mean I don't believe in God though. On the contrary, I'm a very firm believer in the existence of God.

The way I look at it, all our Indian Gods simply represent different energies of the Universe. They are like symbols, that connect us with their respective energies. For example, Lord Hanuman is the symbol for protective energy and courage. Goddess Saraswati is the symbol for wisdom, knowledge and creativity. Lord Ganesha is for removing obstacles. Whichever energy we lack at any point of time, we can think about that particular God and invite that energy into our life.

So who is my favorite God then?

With no disrespect for the other Gods (and I'm sure they won't take any), my favorite God is Lord Krishna.

To me, Lord Krishna represents the beauty and depth in all the different relationships possible. As a son, as a friend, as a lover, as a healer, as a guru, even as a foe. And it's not just his relationships with humans, but also with plants and animals.

He was naughty, but he wasn't cruel. He was kind and helpful, and he kept his promises. He was a never-ending source of wisdom. A patient teacher and a considerate lover. He was a complete "all-in-one". I bet Raymond's "complete man" tagline was inspired by him!

Anyway, do you have any favorite God? If yes, then who? And why?

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Sanch LivingLife said...

I liked Krishna too but more so because he was flawed and not at all perfect as people like gods to be. Krishna was a naughty kid, a playboy, and a shit-stirrer. I do not follow religion or pray to gods but if I had to, I'd be good mates with Krishna. When my grandfather used to tell me stories of him, I really enjoyed it.


Krishna is my favorite God too. :) He is good looking, wise and has a great sense of humor. What's not to love? :P Jokes apart, my faith in Krishna keeps me balanced and calm. :)

Chicky said...

Exactly, Sanch! He is so much like a real human, isn't he? That's why it is so easy to see him in real people around us. I wouldn't be able to pray to him though. Be friends... yes, but pray... no.

Chicky said...

LOL! Rightly said, Shantala! What's not to love! :D

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