My Favorite Game on Facebook

Once upon a time, I used to play a lot of games on Facebook. I have had spells of addiction to the Biggest Brain Game, PuzzleBee Jigsaw Puzzles, Bubble Spinner, and the longest of them all... FarmVille!

Undoubtedly, FarmVille has been my most favorite game on Facebook... until Zynga totally spoiled it by making it so complicated that it cannot even qualify as a fun activity now.

Here take a look at what a typical farm used to look like 5 years ago...

And take a look at what it looks like now! (Yupp, I actually re-installed this app on my Facebook account today to get this screenshot!)

From a simple, uncluttered farm, the game has gone to become a complicated mess of treasure hunts, potion making, cooking, travels to magical islands (or God knows what! I haven't been able to figure out this part yet!)... and a zillion other things! See all those icons cluttering both the sides and the top?

Oh and it takes ages to load! I download a 700MB movie in less than one hour on my 3G net. This game takes almost 10 minutes just to load completely! It totally hogs not only your internet bandwidth, but also your entire system. All my other open programs crashed during the time this game was open today! And everything on the farm has become so tiny now you can barely see what you are clicking on!

You're probably wondering by now whether this post is about a Facebook game that I like or if it's about one that I totally hate! Aren't you? :P

But really, once upon a time, this used to be the funnest game around. I met some really nice people on Facebook through it... foreigners also. Some of them have continued to remain friends even after we've stopped playing the game. There was a lot of community building involved around this game... not to mention beautiful aesthetics and its creative appeal.

When I logged in today, it gave me 3 Unwithers free and promised to give 10 more if I return tomorrow. That made me so nostalgic. Once upon a time, these Unwithers were available only for REAL cash! Sighhhhh! How times change, don't they!

The game also offered a farm expansion to me today. (You can see it in the second pic.... marked by yellow arrows along two edges of the farm.) I wasn't interested though. I just harvested all my animals, barns, coops, orchards, other trees and whatever else had a pink bubble on it (that meant it was ready to harvest) and got my screenshot for the post.

I am totally done with this game now. In fact, they made it so annoying that I stopped playing games on Facebook altogether! ALL games! So yeah... no Candy Crush Saga for me either! (Go blame it on FarmVille!)

Have you ever played games on Facebook? Which one has been your favorite?

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Mithila Menezes said...

I'll tell you the actual reason why Farmville adds all that clutter of power ups and treasure hunts. It's just so that you tell your friends to play the game, get them also addicted to the game, and then it spreads like wildfire.. But the one thing where the game's strategy doesn't work: They are making the game so complicated that the basic interest to play the game disappears..
And the thing you said about the app not loading? Even the facebook page doesn't load!
#SpeakingLikeAFarmvilleGameManager :D

Anonymous said...

Ha now you made me nostalgic too. I started playing this game because everyone else was , and I kept getting requests. And then I was hooked. for six months, I did nothing but play Farmville and Bingo Blitz. Now this post is tempting me to go check out my farm.

Chicky said...

You are so right, Mithila! Remember all those buildings they had us constructing all the time? Just so we'd pester our friends for gifts so that they too leave their entire life and write it off to FarmVille!

Chicky said...

Don't bother, JB! It takes ages to load now! If you don't have unlimited net connection, you'll be wasting a lot of money unnecessarily!
What was Bingo Blitz about? Haven't played that one!

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