My Favorite Fruit

I'm not much of a fruit person. I like mangoes, water melons and papayas occasionally, but, these days, pomegranate has become my favorite fruit.

The reason for this sudden change in my fruit preferences is that my haemoglobin levels have dipped again (they've gone below 8 this time) and I'm trying to raise them without having to take those daily iron pills that wreak complete havoc on your intestines! Besides, I'm not too sure those pills work that well either. I took them for more than 6 months straight last year, and look where I stand now!

Well, the heat wave has just made things worse for me. The anaemia, combined with excessive fluid loss, i.e. dehydration, has brought my blood pressure down to 90/60. Yesterday was the first day since opening my store that I had to take a full day "Sick Leave"! :(

So, it's up to these pomegranates now, to restore balance in my circulatory system. Surprising thing is that I used to avoid pomegranates earlier at any cost, but now, I actually like them. I feel good after eating them or drinking pomegranate juice.

I can understand now how Bella (from the Twilight series) relished drinking blood while she was pregnant with the vampire Edward's child! Apparently, our body automatically gets attracted towards whatever it needs.

Anyway, what's your favorite fruit?

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Mithila Menezes said...

Oh my gosh! Take care dear! *sends you a crate of pomegranates* :)
My (current) favourite fruit is the queen of fruits Mango! (I doubt the fact that mangoes are masculine. Or else they wouldn't have been so sweet!) I've been relishing some mango ice-cream from Cream Centre (Ice Cream Works), both the Alphonso and Kairi flavour! And I tell you, you must taste it before the season ends! :)

Chicky said...

Hahahaha! Some logic there, Mithila, for changing the gender of mango! :P
I haven't even heard of Ice Cream Works. Is there some other name for them too? I must ask the shop owner in my neighborhood. Would definitely like to try a Kairi-flavored ice cream!

Saudamini said...

My all time favorite fruit is Apple...deep red, juicy and good source of vitamins...And if u ever need to relate something from the twilight series...then Apple was a very crucial item in the twilight series - part 1..where they both (Edward and Bella) meet in cafeteria having their usual "knowing-each-other" conversation and HE catches the fallen apple in a very unique way (Edward way) Apples too are connected with Edward. Apart from him..i like Black Grapes tooo.....:P:P

Chicky said...

My God! You ARE a typical Virgo, sis! You even remember the apple falling in the first part of the series! :D
By the way, Twilight cover page also has apple on it!

Vinay Leo R. said...

Ditto to Pommy ;) It's yummy fruit.

the little princess said...

I remember reading about this on your facebook page. Hope pomegranate has helped your condition. Btw, mine is grapes...I love those little juicy little gems!

Chicky said...

Leo, yeah it is good. Especially when the seeds are all crimson red.

Chicky said...

Princess, I'm not sure at the moment if it's any better or not. It did seem better for a while, but then I think the heat wave cause it to dip again. I'm feeling quite good today though. No light-headedness at all.
Do you like green grapes or black ones?

Shilpa Garg said...

Mango is my fav. I find eating pomegranate a bit tedious, its juice is great though!

elly stornebrink said...

This time of year, I would say mangoes, though otherwise, when in season, I love cherries, peaches, and pears. Oh and ripe organic berries in season too: strawberries, blueberries, blackberries....guess I don't have just one favourite! ;) <3

Chicky said...

You're right, Shilpa. It is tedious. You have to chew so much! But it should be good for the jaw muscles I suppose! :P

Chicky said...

Oh... you're more of a berry person then, Elly! :D

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