My Favorite Flowers

Some people like roses, some like tulips, my mom used to love rajnigandha flowers. I don't have any such favorites. I just like yellow flowers.

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They can be sunflowers or roses or tulips or dandelions or a field of mustard flowers, or any of those thousands of different varieties whose names I don't know. As long as they are yellow, they are my favorite.

Once upon a time, when I was young and carefree and absolutely naive, yellow flowers were like sunshine for me. They would make my soul light up with joy. They seemed warm and friendly and full of good cheer. Kind of like me. And I used to rush to hug them. Even if there were people watching. (Seriously!)

Now, I've become older, more practical, and too much of a cynic perhaps. Yellow flowers don't fill my heart with overflowing happiness anymore. They just remind me of the person who once was. I don't rush to hug them anymore. Instead, I just make a silent wish that the world doesn't steal their sunshine from them.

I don't know if I'll ever be like yellow flowers again, but they are still my favorite flowers.

Do you have any favorite flowers? Which ones?

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Suzy said...

I never thought of favourite flowers defined by colour. But come to think of it, I love pink flowers. Very interesting perspective.

Beloo Mehra said...

Yellow flowers definitely bring a feeling of sunshine and cheer all around. Imagine a field of yellow mustard flowers.... just the image brings a sense of joy. I like all flowers but if I were to pick some favourites I would pick - champa, parijat and madhumalti.

Rajlakshmi said...

I love orchids, but the sunflower really can be cheering. Bright yellow as if smiling at you :) Cmon, you can still hug them :)

the little princess said...

I love the parijata flowers..the tiny white flowers with bright orange stalk, and they smell so divine. they just fall off the tree with a gentle breeze.early morning you will find hundreds of them on the ground, fresh and fragrant.

Shilpa Garg said...

I think I dont have any favorites among flowers. Pleasant smelling, fresh and beautiful colours appeal to me.

Chicky said...

Suzy, my sister also loves pink flowers. That's the color I buy for her when I get her flowers.

Chicky said...

Exactly, Beloo. There is so much warmth around them!
Champa, parijat and madhumalti... these are all flowers with beautiful fragrances, aren't they?

Chicky said...

LOL! Yes, Raji... it sure does seem to have a smiley face, doesn't it? Yeah, maybe one day I will.

Chicky said...

Oh right! Now I remember parijat! You're right, Princess! They did smell good. I last saw them when I used to live in Kanpur. Strewn all over the ground in hundreds!

Chicky said...

That's also a simple and uncomplicated outlook, Shilpa!

Rachna said...

I love most flowers but my favorites are the pleasant smelling ones like the raat ki rani, mogra, harsingar etc.

Mithila Menezes said...

I like tulips! The maroon ones?
But recently I've taken a fancy for pink ones..
I have a pic of a Tulip farm as my wallpaper! <3

Chicky said...

Hey I like raat ki rani and mogra too, Rachna. Don't know which one is harsingar.

Chicky said...

Pink tulips should look very pretty, Mithila. I like yellow tulips. I have a lot of wallpapers with tulips. Got them from webshots. They're just beautiful.

tulika singh said...

Yellow is such a cheerful colour. Once I remember I bought a yellow dress while I was down in the dumps and it cheered me up like little else. As for flowers I like all of them. How can anyone not like a flower?

Chicky said...

That's true, Tulika. Yellow is a cheerful color.

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