My Favorite Extra-Curricular Activity In School

In my school, there were dozens of extra-curricular activities we could choose from and attend in our bi-weekly activity classes. There were different sports, including Boxing, Table Tennis, Gymnastics and Horse Riding. There were DIY classes like Needlework, Doll Making, Flower Decoration, Batik, Carpentry and even Home Science & Food Preservation. Then there were the Music and Dance classes too, as well as Debate and Elocution, and a lot of other things that I don't remember now.

In my 12 years of school life, I have attended a lot of different activity classes and learnt a variety of stuff. My mom once went and told my class teacher to put me in Dance. Imagine a fat 10-year-old with two left feet, trying to do Kathak and Bharatnatyam! Catastrophe, right? Nevertheless, I got selected as one of the dancers for the Varsha Mangal Utsav that year! As one of the extra dancers, okay, but I did get selected! LOL! :D The Dance teachers at my school refused to take me in their activity after that one year!

I once tried to enroll myself for the Gardening activity, but they refused to take me saying that there weren't any other females in that activity. That was a bummer. Oh and my teacher in class five automatically put me in Computer Science activity because of my marks in Mathematics. That was the year Computers were introduced in my school. That was actually one of the best things to happen to me in school. It turned out to be my favorite subject after all. It wasn't my favorite extra-curricular activity though.

So what was my favorite extra-curricular activity in school?

It was Western Music.

I was first put into this activity in class two, I think. Back then, we used to have these classes in the senior building, in a huge hall that later became our Bio Lab. I remember the big piano in the corner. All of us would gather around it and sing in chorus.

I chose this activity several times after that. Our Western Music teacher changed. The classroom also changed several times. The piano stayed though.

I really enjoyed singing all those English songs, including the Christmas Carols. I remember there was a crazy song that went "Did Charlie make a monkey out of you? Do you think you should be living in the zoo?" It was absolutely crazy! Was on human evolution, I think. Then there was another one - "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!"

We used to note these songs down in a diary in beautiful colored pens. And then we would decorate that diary with stickers and crystals and sequins and whatever else we could lay our hands on. I still have mine somewhere in one of my cupboards at home. One of these days, I will dig it out and see if I can remember the tunes of all the songs in it.

This was my favorite extra-curricular activity in school. Not only did I love the singing, but I also enjoyed those occasional "special events" that we had to prepare for, like the Christmas Day celebrations. I was in the school English choir. So we prepared a whole bunch of Christmas Carols for the School Assembly, and we also got to decorate the School Christmas Tree! It was fun! :D

Did you have extra-curricular activities in your school? If yes, then what were your favorite?

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Want to Add Something?

Sreesha Divakaran said...

"Did Charlie make a monkey out of you" is a song about evolution? Hmmm!! Sounds like a subtle way to make schoolchildren go against Darwin's theory, eh?

I've been in dramatics classes, dance classes (cos my mom was a dancer in her day, so she wanted to me to learn too), cookery classes, hindustani music, whatnot. I liked dramatics and cookery. Others not so much...

Shilpa Garg said...

Needle work was my favourite extra curricular activity. Have made so many mats, hankies, wall hangings. I think there are a few still lying in some boxes at my Mom's place :)

Kathy Combs said...

When I was in school I was involved in the Drama Club, Pep Club, Concert Choir, and I ran Cross Country. I kept plenty busy. :)

Shilpa Gupte said...

Hi, I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Read all about it here:

Chicky said...

Sreesha, it totally was. Check out the full lyrics of the song here -

I would have enjoyed dramatics, I think.

Chicky said...

Shilpa, you are a bundle of surprises! First you tell me that you boiled a frog in a tea saucepan. And now, you reveal that you were into needlework! Hidden talents!

Chicky said...

Cross country running, Kathy? Oh my God! I hated anything that involved running. Still do! Drama Club sounds cool. If given a chance to repeat school, I would definitely enroll myself in dramatics for at least one year.

Chicky said...

Thank you, Shilpa Gupte. I just realized that the other Shilpa has also given me this award, but I still haven't accepted it officially! Will take this up right after I complete the Quote Challenge.

Mithila Menezes said...

We didn't have such classes or lectures or periods in school. But as the House Captain, I loved writing scripts and directing plays for my House at various intra and interschool events. I've acted for my school Annual Day as the lead heroine too! *blushes and runs away* :D

Chicky said...

Lead heroine in a play? That must have been fun, Mithila! I got my first taste of dramatics at the end of class 11th, when we were preparing our farewell to our seniors. That's when I discovered I quite liked it. Was too self-conscious at that time to go on stage and act, so just worked on the script. Couple of years later though, I did get to act as well, and it was fun! :D

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