My Favorite Digital Collage Card

At my shop, I sometimes make these collage cards out of photographs that my customers give me. Naturally, I use a software for doing it, which has some ready-made templates. I like very few of those templates though. So I usually end up starting with a blank canvas and do the entire design myself, based on the mood and colors of the photographs given to me, and the occasion the card is meant for.

Once, I was given as many as 9 photographs to be set together in a collage. Usually though, it ranges between 2 to 4 photographs, as the final price goes up based on the number of photographs.

This one is my favorite of the lot I've done so far. It has space for only one photograph and is one of those I did from scratch. I like it for its sheer simplicity.

A female customer ordered it last year. She wanted to give it as an anniversary present to her husband, along with a nice pen. The heart-shaped frame in the picture above had a cute photograph of the two together. I have posted only the design here though, minus the photograph, because I don't think it would be appropriate posting their photograph here without their permission.

Anyway, what do you think about it? Do you like it? Do you still give cards to your loved ones on various occasions? Do you buy ready-made cards from the market or do you like to give something with a more personal touch?

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Want to Add Something?

Laurel Regan said...

Very pretty! I do give cards to family members, but they're usually purchased rather than made. One of these days I'd love to learn to make them, though!

Sanch LivingLife said...

That's a beautiful design!

Chicky said...

Thank you, Laurel! I love handmade cards! We used to exchange a lot of cards with friends back in the 90s. Then there was a phase of ecards after we got the internet here. Eventually though, this practice just seems to have died here.

Chicky said...

Thank you, Sanch!

Mithila Menezes said...

It's my friend's birthday next week. And I'm still scratching my head as to what I should do for her!
This idea seems cool. I had thought of a nice one, but I won't mention it here, coz she might read this blog post and my comment below!
I had made a Photo Frame for my mum and dad for their wedding anniversary.. Heart shaped, yes! And I had decorated the edges of the heart with plaited ribbons! Don't ask me how I did that! :D

Chicky said...

That photo frame must have looked very beautiful. Did your parents like it? What are you planning to make for your friend? Tell me on FB then, in a PM. :D

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