My Favorite Cartoon Show

I've seen so many different cartoon shows as I grew up. Yet, my all-time favorite still remains Tom & Jerry. Even today, after all these years, I can get stuck on a channel if it's showing an episode of Tom & Jerry, especially one of it's classic episodes.

Here's a collection of some scenes from the show. Watch and enjoy

Which one is your favorite cartoon show?

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Pooja Mahimkar said...

I recently downloaded Tom and Jerry series and it just makes me so nostalgic!

Vinay Leo R. said...

I loved T&J for sure :) Used to watch it often. But my favorite will have to be Captain Planet. it's a shame they cancelled that. Could've been a lovely way to put the idea of conservation and nature into kids' minds.

Uma C said...

I love Tom & Jerry too. I used to be so crazy that I could even identify the episode by just listening to the background score from another room! I've watched more episodes than my pre-schooler :-p

Alok singhal said...

I love Mr Bean, not the cartoon one. Tom and Jerry also i enjoy sometimes, but not often. said...

I still love Tom & Jerry. Of course, now I'm 'forced' wait...coerced into watching whatever it is that tickles my son's 'comic buds'.

Jaibala Rao said...

I just love Cartoons. That is why S and I don't have any trouble during TV time. Tom and Jerry is amongst my favourites, Mickey and some others.

Rajlakshmi said...

Tom and Jerrryyyyyy ... I love Duck tales too. Still watch them on weekends Youtube :D

Chicky said...

Pooja, I have most of the classic episodes in CDs. Haven't watched them for almost 2 years now. Must dig out those CDs on one of my weekly offs soon.

Chicky said...

Vinay, you're the second person who has favorited Captain America. I have never watched it. I don't like educational cartoons. I just like weird, funny stuff.

Chicky said...

Oh wow, Uma! That is a different level of craziness altogether! Do you and your little one fight for the remote to watch your favorite cartoon shows? :p

Chicky said...

Ok Alok, I haven't seen Mr. Bean as cartoon yet.

Chicky said...

What does your kid like to watch, Sid? Doremon?

Chicky said...

Oh yes, JB... Mickey was also good. I agree, cartoons are the best thing to watch on TV! :D

Chicky said...

Haaah, Raji! Duck tales! Haven't watched them since those Sundays on Doordarshan! They were fun! :D

Mithila Menezes said...

Tom and Jerry was a stress buster during my board exams! Watched the videos on YouTuve everyday after exams! :D

Chicky said...

Hahaha! Tom & Jerry are cool, aren't they. No matter how old you get, you still enjoy watching them.

Abhiroop Banerjee said...

Tom & Jerry
Count Duckula
Danger Mouse
The Centurions
Swat Kats
Duck Tales
Tales Spin
Captain Planet
The Wizard of Oz
The Addams Family
MIB Animated series
The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest
Daffy Duck
Bugs Bunny feat. Elmer Fudd
Yosemite Sam
The Wacky Races
Thundarr the Barbarian
Yogi Bear
Mummies Alive
Ariel, the Mermaid
The Ghostbusters animated
The Fantastic 4
Speed Racer
Space Ghost
Bird Man
Touche Turtle
Augie Doggie and Doggy Daddy
Magilla Gorilla
Inch High Private Eye
Goofy, Goof Troop

I'll come back when I remember the rest.

Chicky said...

The rest? You mean there are any left ???

Abhiroop Banerjee said...

Yeah it's so annoying, couldn't remember some of their titles. Mind you, these are just the ones I liked. There were a bunch of others I hated which obviously I haven't mentioned. Anyway, which ones from my list have you seen?

Chicky said...

Very few from your list. Mostly the Disney ones... Duck Tales, Bugs Bunny etc... and Spiderman of course. Rasna Spiderman, I mean. Sone of these, I have seen as movie adaptations only, like The Addams Family. A few days ago, one of my kiddie-customers gave me two movies of Donald Duck and Chip & Dale episodes. So I was watching one of them yesterday.

Abhiroop Banerjee said...

What nice customers you have, didi-auntie. Arre haan, Chip n Dale, Rescue Rangers. Surprised to hear kids still follow these tools. I thought it was all that Ikamon Pikamon rubbish.

Chicky said...

Doremon rubbish.
He gave me The Croods and some Sinbad movie also.

Abhiroop Banerjee said...

Animation of any kind was rare man. The only cartoon I knew was one 15 min segment on Saturday evening on Doordarshan. Then came Mowgli on DD Metro, followed by Duck Tales and Talespin a year later. Then came Cartoon Network, 1996? That too not 24 hrs. It used to switch to TNT at 9 PM.

Chicky said...

Animation of any kind is cool.
Have you seen Hotel Transylvania? It was on TV some time ago. I quite liked it. Now waiting for its part 2 to be available on yify-torrents.

Abhiroop Banerjee said...

No, I haven't seen Hotel Transylvania. It's been a while since I've watched an animated movie actually. Except for The Animatrix, which is a collection of 8-9 short animated films based on The Matrix. Brilliant animation, made for adults, very nerdy. What do you mean 'Yify'. In the Torrent Bible, he's called Saint Yify. For bringing to the mortal world Godlike resolutions in human filesizes.

Chicky said...

Oh. I never quite understood The Matrix. I suppose The Animatrix would be equally complicated.

Hotel T is for kids. It's about Dracula and his daughter. It's got good music.

"Saint Yify" had to take part 2 off his website, I think. I see the post there for part 2, but the torrent file is missing.

Abhiroop Banerjee said...

Hotel T is in my mammoth IMDB watchlist now. Yify is gone for good, they say. So WYSIWYG I guess. I'm still hoping s/he will surface someday with another obscure TLD. Inshallah. My favorite Tom and Jerry episodes involved fireworks and that big bulldog Butch.

Chicky said...

Gone for good? Surely the future cannot be that bleak! My fav T&J episodes were the non-wordy ones... all action and no dialogues.

Abhiroop Banerjee said...

Ha ha, ever the action fan you are.

Chicky said...


Chicky said...

Guess what! I got the part 2 of Hotel T! The kid who gave me the Donald Duck movies got it for me today! :D

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