My Favorite Bird

My favorite bird has always been the house sparrow. It is tiny and chubby, and it keeps on an incessant "choon-choon"!

This was the most common bird in our house when we lived in Kanpur. We had an equal number of crows there too, but they are not my favorite. Their "caw-caw" sounds too shrill and aggressive. This little bird's "choon-choon", on the other hand, sounds more like music.

I didn't see this bird in Patna for many years, but they are abundant here in Jaipur. In fact, I'm sure there are at least three nests of these birds on top of my shop-shutter. So yeah, I get to hear that "music" all day long now! Sometimes, it turns into noise too though. I find it quite surprising that such tiny little things can make so much noise, but they usually turn it down if I go out and tell them to shut up. Oh yes... communication is the key, after all. LOL!

Do you have favorite birds? Which ones?

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tulika singh said...

I love the sparrow too. There's something sweet and unassuming about the bird. Yet it's not too shy to keep away from humans. Such a lovely mix, isn't it?

Beat About the Book

Shilpa Garg said...

I read somewhere that the house sparrows are becoming a rarity now in cities. Thank God, we still have a few around in our city. Parrots and magpies in pairs are my fav. Pairs because... remember the belief... one for sorrow, two for joy, three for letter, four for toy... :D

Chicky said...

Rightly pointed out, Tulika. It is one of the few birds that seem totally comfortable with humans around.

Chicky said...

LOL! I remember, Shilpa! Five for silver, six for gold, seven for a secret never to be told! :D

Alok singhal said...

Hahaha, humorously put. My favorite would be Parrots, i just loved their color!

the little princess said...

I have never given a thought to what my fav bird is...hmm...I guess it would be the koel....with its charming sweet voice.

Chicky said...

:D Oh yes, Alok... parrots are beautiful.

Chicky said...

Princess, I haven't seen a koel, but have heard them so often here in Jaipur. Their song is so beautiful, it just makes you stop whatever you are doing and listen to them.

Usha Menon said...

I love pigeons. They have made our Ac as their abode. It is very interesting to see them making love. Even otherwise also they seem tg be very delicate.
I also like your favorite sparrows.I find them early morning making all sorts of noises.

Chicky said...

Oh Usha Ma'am! Jaipur is full of pigeons! So is my building! We had nets put around our balcony. Cleaning was becoming a big problem! And the AC used to smell of pigeon poo in the monsoons!

Mithila Menezes said...

I like crows! According to Animal astrology, the animal that coincides with my sunsign is a crow! :D

Chicky said...

Hahaha! Crows??? But they are so noisy? :D

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