Snakes & Ladders for Android

A recent Facebook conversation reminded me of this post I was supposed to do a couple of months ago. It's about my favorite Android version of the popular game Snakes & Ladders.

I installed several different apps of Snakes & Ladders on my phone, but this is the one I finally retained. It offers a variety of game modes, has decent graphics, and I especially love the board layout. Here take a look...

See all those snakes in the 90s row? And see that big one on 66? And that loooooong ladder on 20?

I figured the game can get over in minimum 3 moves by a single player. Here's how:

  • First move - You get a 4, take the ladder to 16.
  • Second move - You get another 4, take the ladder to 74.
  • Third move - You get a 6, take the ladder to 100.

Game Over.

This hasn't happened with me yet though.

As for the maximum duration of the game... there is no limit actually. My personal record is 49 minutes. Both the computer and I kept taking turns at feeding that mammoth of a snake on 66. I actually got eaten up by that one snake three times in a row in that single game! Then, of course, there were other snakes too... not to forget those three on the top-most row of the board!

You should have heard me swearing and shouting at Mr. Sixy-six that day! And you should have also seen all those flying kisses I sent him every time he ate up the computer! Hehehe! :D

I don't play this game too often though. It can get very noisy, you see... and then Dad threatens to throw my phone away. Not that he will actually do it, but, still...

It's got a 'Survival' mode too, which is a mixture of Snakes & Ladders plus Pacman. Here's a screenshot...

This one's really difficult. These pacmans are even more brutal than the snakes 'coz they keep moving! You might land on the big ladder at number 20, only to realize that a red devil is waiting for you on 74! Oh and these brutes keep growing in number as the time progresses! VERY difficult!

But DO download it on your phone and give it a try. It provides good mindless time-pass for those times when you have no customers at your shop and nothing else to do either. Just try not to make it too "personal" with Mr. Sixty-six though, or people might seriously consider packing you off to a mental asylum.

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Want to Add Something?

Kathy Combs said...

Oh that looks fun! I have to TRY it! Lol. I am literally downloading it now, like I need another game on my phone. I love this game though so can't wait to check it out myself. Thanks for the heads up. Just another reason why I am not blogging...playing games on my phone! Lol! Thanks! ♥

Shilpa Garg said...

This brought back memories of the past! This game on phone sounds very interesting and addictive too. Will check it out soon!

Chicky said...

Hahahaha! Kathy, I had no idea you were so fond of mobile games. Wait, I'll do a Ten-on-Tuesday list for you so you can find more games to get addicted to! :D

Chicky said...

Noooooo! Shilpa! Not you! That time I wrote about Farmville here, and you got even more addicted to it than I did! You must not try this game. Don't even download it on your phone! In fact, forget you even read this post! :D said...

Ooooh! This looks interesting. I must try and download it too. It's been a long time since I played S&L

Chicky said...

Oh it's brilliant for time-pass, Sid! Total no-brainer of a game! Plus you get to curse and shout as much as you want!

Swathi Shenoy said...

I am definitely downloading this one! Looks like fun :D

Maniparna Sengupta Majumder said...

Games! (with a big grin). I love playing games. Snake-ladder was my favourite as a child. This version looks like a fun. Will definitely download it.... :-D

Chicky said...

Go ahead, Swathi. It IS a LOT of fun! ;-)

Chicky said...

Is that so, Maniparna? Ok wait then, I'll post about some more of my favorite mobile games here.

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