My Reading Preferences!

Finally, I found a tag (i.e. blog meme) on books! So how can I NOT do it? I picked it up from Sunday Stealing (, again courtesy Shilpa Garg! :)

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So these are my reading preferences, as asked in the meme:

  • Science Fiction, Fantasy or Horror?
    Science Fiction preferable, then Fantasy, no interest in Horror.

  • Hardback or Trade paperback or Mass market paperback?
    Any paperback would do actually. Hardbacks are difficult to read, plus they occupy more shelf-space.

  • Amazon or Brick and Mortar?
    Amazon without a doubt, because:
    1. I've become a fan of reading books on the kindle app on my phone. (So many books in just one phone!)
    2. More eco-friendly as less paper products are consumed.
    3. I'm running out of shelf-space in my books almirah! (Do take a look at its picture.)

  • Barnes & Noble or Borders?
    Never used either of them. Besides, Borders shut down some time ago. Anyway, Flipkart is best for buying printed books in India as it gives some great deals usually. Here, check it out...

  • Bookmark or Dog-ear?
    Book marks, please! Who wants dog-eared pages in books? Blasphemy, I tell you!

  • Asimov’s Science Fiction or Fantasy & Science Fiction?
    Haven't read Asimov, as far as I can remember, but any science fiction usually works for me.

  • Alphabetize by author, Alphabetize by title, or Random?
    Why so much focus on 'alphabetizing'? I arrange my books according to the space in my shelf. I must keep books from one author together. That's my only requisite.

  • Keep, Throw away or Sell?
    Keep, as far as possible. My sister gave away at least three cartons of my books to our uncle in Patna when she and Dad decided to join me in Noida. She thought it was only for safe-keeping and we would get it back when we returned. Alas, we never got them back! :( I had such a big collection back then... some real gems! Sighhhh. I should learn to let go...

  • Keep dust-jacket or Toss it?
    Keep them, of course. They look kind of cute. Never understood their purpose though. I mean what would keep the dust of those dust jackets?

  • Read with dust-jacket or Remove it?
    I remove them while reading.

  • Short story or Novel?
    Novels, preferably. The thicker the better. Although in 2013, I read my first book of short stories since completing school. It was The Labyrinth: Short Stories (English) by The stories have been penned by several Indian authors. I actually quite enjoyed this book and gave it a 4+ rating. Have been planning to do a proper review on it for quite some time. Nevertheless, you should definitely check this one out. It's available on Flipkart, and

  • Stop reading when tired or at Chapter breaks?
    Honestly, I usually stop reading only when some other "pressing chore" cannot be held off any longer. My Dad now gets terrified the moment he sees that I've started on a new book!

  • “It was a dark and stormy night” or “Once upon a time”?
    Out of the two, I like “Once upon a time”, 'coz it's a kind of universally accepted standard for stories. Reminds me of my childhood days, you know! :P Although, normally I prefer something more creative than both of these.

  • Buy or Borrow?There are some books that you simply MUST HAVE in your collection on your book shelf. You may want to read them again and again. Naturally, it makes sense to buy them. Then there are some you just want to read once and then forget about them. Borrowing works for those.

  • Buying choice: Book Reviews, Recommendation or Browse?
    It's usually a combination of the three. Sometimes, I come across a book while browsing an online store and then check out its reviews before deciding to buy. Occasionally, someone known to me recommends a book to me and then I double-check his/her word with other online reviews for that book. By the way, do check out my reviews on this blog.

  • Collection (short stories by the same author) or Anthology (short stories by different authors)?
    As I said earlier, I haven't read too many short stories after school, but, I think both will have their benefits. If it's a tried-tested-and-liked author, then you'll naturally enjoy his/her book. An anthology, on the other hand, will let you get a flavor of the writing styles of many different authors in just one book.

  • Tidy ending or Cliffhanger?
    NEVER a Cliffhanger? I hate cliffhanger endings in books! Cliffhangers are for Ekta Kapoor's stupid TV serials. Books should have tidy endings. No loose ends. No incomplete threads. Everything should see its logical end.

  • Morning reading, Afternoon reading or Nighttime reading?
    Anytime reading. Anywhere reading. Period.

  • Standalone or Series?
    Standalones are okay, but, Series are the best. Especially when all parts of the Series have already been released and you can read them all one after the other without break! Ahhh! Bliss! The characters become part of your family. It's almost as if their lives and your life get intertwined in inexplicable ways. When I completed the Lord of the Rings Series, I actually went into a depression for days!

  • Favorite book of which nobody else has heard?
    I read this Hindi book long ago (I must have been less than 6-years-old, I think). It was called "Panda Mere Ghar Aaya". It was the first time I got to know of the existence of Pandas and Bamboo plants and I really loved that book. It had a lot of illustrations along with the text. I remember having preserved my tattered copy of it for years, even into my adolescence. I can't find this book on Google right now, so I'm guessing nobody else would have heard of it.

  • Favorite genre series?
    So far, it's Wilbur Smith's Ancient Egypt Series. (Wiki link). You MUST read it if you haven't already. I have read the first four. I just realized that the fifth had also released. Must order it soon. Here are the books of this series in order and the links for ordering them.
    1. River God (1994) - Flipkart | |
    2. The Seventh Scroll (1995) - Flipkart | |
    3. Warlock (2001) - Flipkart | |
    4. The Quest (2007) - Flipkart | |
    5. Desert God (2014) - Flipkart | |

  • Currently Reading?
    Chase of Choices by Dr. Hari Parameshwar. The author sent me a free copy to read and review only yesterday. You can either wait for my review of this book or check the book directly on Flipkart, or

There you go. All done. If you are a book lover, consider yourself tagged. If you don't have a blog to post your answers, use my comment form. Oh yes, I don't mind sharing my blog's comment space with non-bloggers. You can make it as long as Blogger would allow.

Here's more in "Tags (or memes)"!

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Want to Add Something?

Emmanuel said...

God bless you!

blogoratti said...

That was quite interesting, I do anywhere reading too- and not just a particular time. Thanks for sharing!

Chicky said...

Thank you, Immanuel :)

Chicky said...

Thank you, Blogoratti! Yes, books are so welcome anytime, anywhere, aren't they?
Do you have any favorite genres or series or even standalone books?

deeps said...

verity is the spice of reading is what you seem to be saying :D
nice pict selection too

elly stornebrink said...

I would answer quite the same on a number of the questions Chicky. Like you, I would avoid horror and prefer bookmarks (though years ago, shame shame I did dogear books....oops!) ;) I had tons of books and had to get rid of a bunch; however, even though I thought it would be difficult - it was to some degree - it wasn't that bad either. The Universe gives me more books than I can handle anyway! ;) <3

Shilpa Garg said...

Most of our answers are on similar lines. Though I have watched the movie series on The Lord of Rings, I am so keen to read the book series. Hope I am able to lay my hands on it soon!

Soumya said...

I'm jealous of that book almirah!! :)

I hate dog ears too!

Rajlakshmi said...

I like science fiction too and bookmarks always. Have read only one book by Wilbur Smith. Will check out this series.

Chicky said...

Thanks Deeps! :)

Chicky said...

Elly! Hahaha! I like how you said that "shame shame" and "oops"! :D
You clearly have no issues with letting go, right? I'm just so possessive about my books!

Chicky said...

Arre Shilpa! You haven't read the series! Oh ho! Borrow them from me next time we meet. Or, if you're okay with reading ebooks, I can email them to you right away!

Chicky said...

Soumya! That almirah is now overloaded! There is a horizontal layer above the row of vertically stacked books! Mostly series and collections! Bulky items.

Chicky said...

Which one, Raji? One of the Egyptian series or from one of his other series? How was it?

Anonymous said...

Good one and I did consider myself tagged..One of these days I will take it up..but yes, I should say that our choices are almost the same! :)

Chicky said...

Good, Parul! I'll be waiting for your post. Do it soon okay!

Pooja Mahimkar said...

Love this tag!

Chicky said...

Are you picking it up, Pooja? Would love to see your answers!

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