Making Life Easier With My Airtel App

Managing an entire household, along with a retail store (even if it’s just a small neighborhood store), can be extremely demanding on your time. It can turn your immaculately planned life completely upside-down.

There was a period in my life when everything was scheduled carefully days in advance, and then executed exactly as scheduled. Bills were paid on time. Insurance premiums were never forgotten. Cell phones never ran out of balance, neither on talk-time, nor on data. In fact, I used to stay several steps ahead of my schedule.

Then my shop happened, and it was “Goodbye” to “advance planning”. Now, I’m just rushing along from one moment to the next, making up my schedule as I go. In the initial days of opening my store, I used to work with to-do lists, but now, I don’t even have time to make those lists!

See the 'last updated' date on this list?

Recently, I got to know about this Airtel App for my phone. It boasted to take care of all my DTH, Broadband, Postpaid and Prepaid services from one place. I’m actually looking for such services nowadays. I think very soon I’ll need a Personal Assistant, but for the time being, I’m ready to try anything that helps me in completing any part of my schedule on time.

So I decided to try this Airtel App on my phone.

There are three things that I especially liked about this app.

  1. The “I Want To” Tab.

    I can make shortcuts on my home screen for the stuff I need to do regularly, like checking the phone balance, recharging my phone, keeping track of my mobile data usage, keeping track of when I last recharged with what (there are STVs also, you know, and they don’t always have monthly validity, so it can get very confusing).

  2. The “Recharge any Airtel Number” option.

    So I don’t need to open up the Airtel online recharge site on my phone browser anymore. (My phone browser is anyway too slow! I can hardly ever open up any website on it!) Now I can recharge any Airtel number directly from this app. Oh by the way, ever since I opened my store, I rarely get the time to turn my PC on at home and work on it, except on my one weekly off (Saturday).

  3. The “Safe and Secured Payment” Options.

    I can confidently pay for my bills and recharges via Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Net Banking, or Airtel Money. It also lets me “Save” the Card details so I don’t have to enter it each time I recharge or make a payment. Plus the interface is quite easy to use and responsive.

These are the three features that I loved most about this app.

There’s actually one more feature that I really liked, and that’s the “Airtel Surprise Coupons” scheme with every recharge.

I’m guessing it must be a limited-time offer to promote their app, but, hey! Who doesn’t love discount coupons? And they’re offering these coupons across so many brands, including flipkart, ebay and amazon! It feels awesome to receive coupons for sites/places that you actually use for shopping.

So there you go. This app has taken care of at least some of my problems, and, in the meantime, I’m still looking for ways to help me remember the rest of my monthly/quarterly/annual schedules.

Picture Credits: The last FOUR images in this post have been taken from First one is a screenshot of my own cell phone taken today.

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Want to Add Something?

deeps said...

life is like that...
i guess the best part is you still find time to blog...keep going :D

Chicky said...

Deeps, I took a looooong break from blogging most of last year, but not because of my shop. Blogging is like a lifeline, you know, as essential as breathing.

the little princess said...

I can just go to that url and download the app is it? I need it more than ever!!! Im gradually progressing towards amnesia...and what better than an app to telk me what to do!!

Swathi Shenoy said...

I love this app too :D Makes life easier :)

Chicky said...

Princess, it will only take car of your Airtel bills and recharges though. Other things, you'll still have to remember! ;-)

Chicky said...

Righto, Swathi! Plus apps are so much faster than the mobile browser, aren't they?

Shilpa Garg said...

I quite liked the Surprise Coupon feature. Some pretty interesting offers that has!

Chicky said...

And useful ones too, Shilpa!

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