A to Z of Blogging: Z - Zest

Did you ever have one of those teachers in school or college who were famous for their drab and monotonous lectures that put most of the class to sleep? Nobody enjoys such lectures, do they?

Blogging is similar. If your blog content sounds like a boring lecture, it won’t find too many takers. Your blog content should capture your readers’ interest. It should be full of life. It should be full of zest.

Once again, I must quote the online Oxford Dictionary, which defines ‘Zest’ as:

  1. Great enthusiasm and energy
  2. A quality of excitement and piquancy

So how do you add enthusiasm and energy to your blog content? How do you show your zest for blogging through your blog and its content?

You can do so by taking a look at some of the synonyms listed by Oxford Dictionary, for the word ‘Zest’:

enthusiasm, appetite, zeal, fervor, passion, love, enjoyment, joy, delight, excitement, verve, vigor, liveliness, effervescence, fire, vitality, dynamism, energy, buoyancy, pep, spiritedness, exuberance

How To Show Your Zest For Blogging?

  • Show Your Passion About Your Blog Topic.
    This is one point that cannot be emphasized upon enough. Nothing adds zest to your blogging as strongly as your passion for the subject you blog about.

  • Show Your Spiritedness By Being You.
    Developing your own voice in blogging can be challenging. It takes courage to be 'you' and to share your story with strangers on the internet. But it makes you come across as a blogger with so much peppiness.

  • Show Your Liveliness In Your Writing Style.
    Whatever style of writing you choose, make it lively. Make sure it conveys great vigor and vitality. Make sure it keeps those yawns away and those eyes wide open.

  • Show Your Buoyancy In Your Comments.
    Respond to comments cheerfully and with a smile on your face. Let the effervescence in your replies show that you are genuinely delighted to hear from your readers and to interact with them.

  • Show Your Zeal To Accomplish.
    Set yourself challenging targets. (e.g. this A to Z Challenge) And then meet them. Make blogging commitments. Say them out loud on your blog. And then keep those commitments with fervor.

  • Show Your Appetite For Learning.
    Blogging involves a constant learning curve, both in blogging as well in the subject you write on. Having an insatiable hunger for learning new skills and new strategies will reflect your exuberance.

  • Show Your Dynamism In Evolution.
    The blogging world is constantly evolving and you must keep up with the change. Be quick to adapt to the latest developments in the blogosphere—if not all, then at least the ones relevant to your niche.

  • Show Your Enjoyment Of Blogging.
    Lastly, your blogging should reflect your joy and excitement with the entire process, right from researching to creating to marketing to social engagement and community building. It should show your love for what you’re doing.

Many people start blogging, but most give up after a few months. It isn’t due to lack of skills, but, because of lack of zest. It is easy to maintain enthusiasm and verve for the first 2-3 months, but to keep the fire alive month after month and year after year requires a lot of energy.

Does your blog have this energy? How do you ensure that your zest for blogging shows through your blog and its content? How do you keep your blog from getting boring?

This is my 26th (last) post for 2015 AprilAtoZ.
Link to the previous post: A to Z of Blogging: Y - You.

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Want to Add Something?

Vinay Leo R. said...

OK. Final checklist :)

Show my passion about my blog topic - yep :D I do show passion, be it for reading or writing.

Being me - always :) never have tried being anyone else.

Liveliness - I guess so. :)

Buoyancy - Er... not if the comment itself is irksome :P Else I'm buoyed.

Zeal - Have that to start challenges, meeting them is a different thing. I'm only committed to blogging. Not deadlines.

Appetite - Mostly for food :) But I do try to pick up pointers from others' writing.

Dynamism - Except monetization, I'm quite dynamic. (I think)

Enjoyment - It reflects. It definitely reflects :)

I haven't given up on blogging, though have come close to it early days :)

Harini said...

Blogging is an art in my opinion. You need to have the innate quality to think of good topics to write. But the best thing about blogging is that you get better as you go along :).

the little princess said...

Enthusiasm is infectious...the zest in your heart transfers to your words and that ultimately transfers to your reader..!
And with that zesty post the challenge comes to an end! I enjoyed being on this ride with you Chicky!! Inspired by your post, was meddling with the appearance of my blog yesterday! Maybe in a few days my blog will look a little neater!

Shilpa Garg said...

Agree completely! Zest is so important in blogging! Love the peppiness in posts. Preachy types and sermons in posts are not my kind of posts! And commenting in a fun and interesting way is an art. One of my earliest blogging buddy, Amrit had this art. His every single comment brought a smile, always! Sigh... he has quit blogging!
Congratulations for completing the challenge with such amazing,informative and insightful posts! Looking forward to see all these posts from A to Z as an e-book. It will be a hot favorite with all bloggers, newbies and veterans alike! Cheers ♥

Rajlakshmi said...

brilliant points yet again. I am totally attracted to blogs with lots of energy and humour. People who love their writing and knows how to make other like it too :)
Congratz on completing the challenge... yeeee we are survivors :D

Archana said...

Excellent tips. Good bloggers also need to be self motivated especially when comments are scarce! Congratulations on completing the AtoZ :)

Ranveer vishal said...

Great inputs Miss_teerious. Blogging is an ever changing medium and I wanna dabble with voice blogging from time to time:)
Keep rocking:)


Rightly said, Chicky. Zest in the writer is important to keep the readers hooked. Hope to see your AtoZ posts in the form of an e-book soon. It will be an extremely useful resource for bloggers. So glad to have found you through AtoZ. :)
P.S. Sorry for the delay in catching up with these posts. I traveled to India in the last week of April and have had a hard time getting a stable internet connection.

Eli Ert said...

Great Z for Zest! Very useful tips, and gentle reminders to us all:-) Lovely dear, and congrats on completing AtoZ 2015! Yay!:-)

Chicky said...

Leo, don't worry about the zeal... you just join in the challenges and we'll make sure you complete them! ;-)
As for appetite... LIAR! You are a sponge! You're always on the lookout for learning new things and improving yourself.
And early days are always the toughest, aren't they? :D

Chicky said...

So true, Harini! Blogging is an art! And we certainly do get better at it with time. When I read my old posts, I see a lot of scope for improvement. I'm sure 2 year down the line, I'll feel the same way about what I write now!

Chicky said...

Rightly said, Princess. It is infectious.
Did you get your blog to look the way you wanted? Let me know if you need any help ok.

Chicky said...

Thanks Shilpa! You are too kind! :) :P
I know, commenting is also as much an art as blogging, isn't it? Even I miss so many of my old regulars from the 2009-10 period. Majority of them have quit blogging unfortunately! :(

Chicky said...

I know, Raj! We survived !!! :D :D :D
Congrats to you too!

Chicky said...

Archana, those times are the toughest in any blogger's life! Scarcity of comments! Unthinkable! Right?

Chicky said...

Thanks Ranveer! True, blogging is evolving at a crazy speed. I haven't tried audio/video blogging yet. I guess I'll need a more reliable net connection for that! [rolls eyes]
Which part of the world are you located in? Is the net service any good there?

Chicky said...

Shantala, stable internet connection is what women want today! Coincidentally, it is also what men want today! There are other wants too, but they all come later in the queue!
Thank you, girl! The feeling is mutual! And congratulations! We did it despite all odds! :D

Chicky said...

Thank you, Eli! And congratulations to you too! We had a great time, didn't we? :)

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