A to Z of Blogging: Y - You

Regardless of how much thought and effort you put in branding your blog elements, the main blog identity comes from YOU. It is your personal touch that keeps readers coming back. It is that part of your personality that you put into every aspect of blogging—be it designing or writing or reader engagement—that creates the real brand for your blog.

When I was working for Dell Technical Support, the most common feedback I got from my callers was that I “don’t sound like a machine or robot, I sound like a real human being.” Probably for this reason alone, my CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) scores used to be among the highest on the floor.

So why is it so important to add your personal touch to your blogging? What benefit does it give?

Why to Add Your Personal Touch to Your Blog Content?

  • It lets your readers know that you are a real person and not a computer program generating automated content.

  • It allows your readers to relate with you and understand where you come from.

  • It helps in creating a mental and emotional connect and a feeling of bonding.

  • It builds trust and credibility, leading to better conversion rates, as people are more inclined to follow the recommendations of those whom they trust.

  • It helps your content stand out from the rest, giving it an element of originality.

So how do you add this vital “personal touch” to your blog content? Your blog might not be about your personal memoirs. It could be about gardening or parenting or cooking or electronic gadgets or anything under the sun really. Still, how do you make it about YOU?

How to Add Your Personal Touch to Your Blog Content?

  • Choose A Topic Of Personal Interest.
    I agree that some blogging niches offer better monetization options than others, but as Rancho advices in the movie 3 Idiots, don’t pursue success; strive for excellence and success will follow on its own. So choose to write on something that you’re passionate about. Your love for the subject and your knowledge of it will show in your content.

  • Pick A Natural Writing Style.
    Don’t imitate others. Write in a manner that comes naturally to you, because that becomes “your voice”. Over time, your readers begin to identify “your voice”. It is okay to experiment once in a while to find out what works best for you, but, in the end, you must remain true to your own style.

  • Tell Your Story.
    Share incidents from your life that relate to the topic you’re writing on. For example, earlier in this post, I mentioned that bit about my experience at Dell because it’s exactly what this article is about. Even if you blog anonymously, i.e. under a pseudo name, you can still throw in small life anecdotes every now and then, to convey your message more clearly, or to validate your claims, or to support certain facts.

  • Establish Your Expertise.
    At times, it is okay to brag about certain achievements on your blog. It tells your readers that you really know what you’re talking about. It helps in building that trust that we talked about above. So go ahead and share the link to that interview you gave or that award you won. Let your readers know if your work has been published somewhere. Tell them how you proved to be the “knight in shining armor” for a “damsel/dude in distress”!

  • Share Your Learning Curve.
    Just as important it is to talk about your achievements, sharing your mistakes is equally important. Mistakes are a part of the learning curve. They tell your readers that you’re as human as they are, you’re subject to the same constraints and errors of judgment at times, and that you’ve chosen to learn from your mistakes. This adds a lot to your credibility and builds respect for you.

So these are 5 ways in which you can (and must) add your personal touch to your blog content, without making it your personal memoir. The trick is to make your blog content about you, without making it all about you.

Do you use any of these ways to lend a personal flavor to your blog content? Do you use any other ways? Are you, as a reader, better able to relate with blogs that have an element of personal touch in the content?

This is my 25th post for 2015 AprilAtoZ.
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Want to Add Something?

Vinay Leo R. said...

Okay. Penultimate checklist of the month coming up ;)

Topic of personal interest - check! can't be any more personal :D

Natural writing style - check! have tried various styles, but whatever I try seems to have a bit of my style always, so am glad :)

Tell my story - check! Some of my stories have a bit of me in them.

Establish expertise - errr... I think my expertise in writing fiction is somewhat established. can't say for sure. haven't been interviewed (yet), the only awards I get are those I pass on (no nobel laureates on the horizon as far as I can tell) and no damsels in distress to save (might have distressed some damsels, though can't say that for sure either)

Learning curve - errr... small check perhaps. I do share the past, but mostly, I look at the present :D

Tangerine said...

That was an interesting read.

PS: Congratulations! Just one more post to go.

the little princess said...

Wonderful! Even with your lack of time, and running behind in your schedule, you still put up a brilliant post, it was not a hurried post, just put up for the sake of completing the alphabet of the day! and it shows in your writing!!
I guess being 'you' is not just for the blog, its also for your own self. Great pointers! loved the post!

Susan Taylor said...

I subscribed to you early on in the challenge and have greatly looked forward to your posts. Valuable content. I realized this morning I've been reading in my email and not commenting and I wanted to take a moment to thank you for consistently quality posts this month.


Shilpa Garg said...

Loved this one. It's true, a little bit of You in your posts add to the charm! While my blog has a LOT of Me and my life, I love it when I add a bit of my life in the stories that I write :D

Chicky said...

Hahahahaha! Leo, you're crazy! :D
I liked your blog... it's all YOU... every part of it!
And thank you sooooo much for adding that recent posts widget in the footer. And your book reviews widget too! Life is so much easy now!

Chicky said...

Thanks Tang! And we did it! Yayyyy! :D

Chicky said...

Thank you, Susan! That was really sweet of you! I had no idea you were following my blog via email. Moments like these inspire me to write more, you know! I tried my best to maintain the quality and just knowing that my posts were of use to anyone makes my day!

Chicky said...

Oh Princess, I always write first for myself. If I'm not satisfied with the post, it goes straight into trash. One day, I'm sure I'll look back on these posts (especially X, Y, Z) and wonder how I did them! :P ;-)

Yeah time was not on my side during this challenge, but nevertheless, it was fun! The inspiring comments from the community really charge you up and help you squeeze that little bit extra from your system, don't they?

Chicky said...

Exactly, Shilpa! The stories just seem to come alive, don't they?

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