A to Z of Blogging: N - Niche

Most new bloggers, who start blogging without any formal training, tend to run a diverse or multi-topic blog. This is perfectly okay if you don’t have any plans to make serious money out of your blog, but, if you want to make blogging your primary source of income, then you’d be better off with niche blogging.

Niche blogs are dedicated to specific topics. So if it’s a blog on finance, you won’t suddenly see a weight-loss article on it! The content published on it will usually be about taxation, banking, investments… all finance related topics.

Niche blogging is better than generic multi-topic blogging in several ways.

What Are The Benefits Of Niche Blogging?

  • Updating A Niche Blog Is Easier.
    Instead of hopping around from one topic to the other, you remain focused on one specific subject. Naturally, you’ll pick a subject you’re passionate about, and when you write with passion, on a topic that you love, words flow on their own. Updating niche blogs, therefore, becomes so much more effortless and so much more fun.

  • You Get Recognized As An Expert.
    When you stick to blogging regularly about one specific topic, you start digging deeper into it. You become more knowledgeable about that subject. You may have started as an amateur, but, you gradually build up the credibility of being a subject matter expert in that niche. You can then offer consultation services or courses or publish your own books or even get speaking gigs and job offers.

  • Helps In Getting Loyal Readers.
    Niche blogging brings thousands of loyal readers to your blog. These are people who have an interest in the subject you blog about. You will not be able to retain too many readers if you keep jumping from one topic to the other randomly. If a person has subscribed to your blog expecting articles on photography, he will not stick around if you suddenly switch to writing about something else.

  • Better SEO, Leading To Higher SERPs.
    When you focus on one single topic on a blog, and you cover it in exhaustive detail on that blog, Google also considers you as an authority on that subject. That helps in your blog's SEO and improves your blog’s position in search engine results. There is something called keyword density. If you have the optimum keyword density on both a particular post as well as your entire blog, your blog’s content gets ranked higher for that keyword in search results.

  • Higher Advertisement Rates.
    Niche blogs attract more targeted ads from ad networks, and deliver these ads to their target audience. For example, if you have a dedicated blog on books, the ad networks will deliver ads related to books and, since your readers will also be book lovers, they’ll be more likely to click on those ads and buy something from the advertisers. For this reason, niche blogs get better rates on ads.

I have seen very few really successful multi-topic blogs (in terms of monetization). If you have varied interests, it is better to create separate niche blogs for the topics you usually write on, rather than stuffing them all in one blog. Niche blogs are good for the readers, they’re good for Google, and they’re good for you.

What kind of blog do you have? Is it a multi-topic blog like mine? Or is it a niche blog? Have you noticed any difference in the earnings from both types of blogs?

This is my 14th post for 2015 AprilAtoZ.
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Want to Add Something?

Vinay Leo R. said...

Ah. I don't have a niche at all :) I write on what my heart feels like writing. No wonder I find it difficult sometimes :D

PS: Is there really formal training available for bloggers who are new to blogging? :-o

Patricia Lynne said...

I suppose mine is Niche since it's about writing, but even then, that's a pretty broad topic.

~Patricia Lynne aka Patricia Josephine~
Member of C. Lee's Muffin Commando Squad
Story Dam
Patricia Lynne, Indie Author

Rajlakshmi said...

I created two new blogs blogs for the same reasons. My personal blog is kind of mix and match, but poetry and travel is niche.

Yvonne Ventresca said...

Good list of benefits!


Chicky said...

Oh yes, there is, Vinay! So many online and offline blogging workshops. Pro-blogging workshops are separate.

Chicky said...

Patricia, that's a good niche. Writing tips, link-ups and prompts, as well as author interviews, it's a good bag. Anything narrower than this would make it very difficult to update the blog regularly, don't you think?
Thank you for stopping by on my blog! :)

Chicky said...

Hi Raji! Travel could be a good niche for monetizing the blog. Have you tried it yet?

Chicky said...

Thanks, Yvonne! :)

the little princess said...

I dont know if I fall into the niche blogger category...but if had to really categorise I think I can slot my writing into fiction writing ( and non fiction and poetry...) hehehe no imnt a niche blogger!!

Shilpa Garg said...

Niche?? This is an alien word for my blog! My blog posts are about anything and everything! :D

jaideep khanduja said...

so basically it all depends whether you want a vertical growth or horizontal in blogging!

both have pros and cons.

Anonymous said...

Nice article .. would have liked more if you would have suggested more strategies for becoming successful in niche blogging.
If it's a topic like travel, cooking, food, or photography, but things become quite difficult when you become part of a niche like relationships etc. Constantly updating such topic is really difficult...

Chicky said...

Princess, you fall into the creative writing niche, I guess. Plus, you have other blogs for other niches as well. I would say you are a niche blogger.

Chicky said...

Shilpa, I agree. Anything and everything... just like miss_teerious! :P

Chicky said...

Jaideep, vertical is good. It is faster too. Horizontal is hardly there. And not very sustainable either.

Chicky said...

pkdeka, thanks for the suggestion. Maybe in some future article?
Relationships is a difficult niche? I thought it would be one of the easiest niches to create regular content on! Practically 3/4th of the world is in some kind of relationship mess or the other!

jaideep khanduja said...

is it not a misconception that horizontal is difficult to achieve and removes the "Niche" tag?

Chicky said...

I'm afraid I don't understand the relevance of your comment here, Jaideep.

As far as I'm aware, 'horizontal' is all about sharing of ideas and building a community around a blog. It may be difficult to achieve, yes, but why would it have to remove the "Niche" tag, as you say? I see some great communities around niche blogs.

Besides, this post was about single-topic blogs and diverse blogs. It was not about horizontal and vertical blogging.

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