A to Z of Blogging: F - Friends

Any activity, be it walking or rock climbing or yoga or even some hobby class, becomes more fun if done with a partner. Blogging is no different. It can be very frustrating to keep blogging all alone, with no one to read your posts, no one to comment, no one to share blogger jokes with. Perhaps that is the reason why so many new bloggers stop blogging after a while.

It doesn’t have to be like this though. The best part about blogging is perhaps the community that already exists to befriend us and motivate us.

I have been blogging on and off since December 2006, and barring a few odd specimens (that I can count on the fingers of one hand), all the bloggers I have interacted with so far, have turned out to be really amazing and friendly people!

Of course, just like offline “friendships”, blogging relationships also need to be nurtured, but, it’s totally worth the effort. Here a few reasons why we all should find bloggy friends.

Why Do We Need Blogging Friends?

  • They read our posts. Even when we rant!

  • They leave comments. Encouraging ones. So we blog more. And better.

  • They share our content. In their circles. Helping us expand ours.

  • They motivate us. When we get stuck with the dreaded writers’ block!

  • They provide tech support. With our blog design. And the various widgets.

So how do we make blogging friends? Same way we make real life friends really. No rocket science here. All you need is to decide that you WANT to make friends.

How To Make Blogging Friends?

  • Say “Hello”. Don’t be a passive blurker. Like I have been doing last year. Reading blogs, but, not leaving comments. (I was just going through a phase.) It is really quite simple - if you don’t say “Hello”, how will you win any friends?

  • Respond to your comments. If someone has been nice enough to leave a decent comment on one of your posts, then do bother to reply. Better yet, visit that person’s blog and leave a comment there too.

  • Follow and make it easy to follow you too. Being active on too many social media sites is a pain, but, at least try to provide your blog updates via Facebook, Twitter and RSS, as these are the most popular. Google+ is also getting active now, I guess, although I still haven’t started using it.

  • Participate in blog challenges and link-ups. I have participated so far in several Photo-A-Day challenges and now this A-to-Z-challenge. Both provide great opportunities to meet new bloggers and make new friends. I haven’t yet joined any link-ups, but, I know they are equally great for making new blogging friends.

  • Just be you. All bloggers have different styles. They write different stuff. And they all get read. Nobody here needs to change to “fit in”. That’s why I refer to them as “friends”, because friends always accept us for who we are.

I have been fortunate to find some great friends through my blog. I have met some of them in real life and there are some I wish I do get a chance to meet someday. I have learnt so much from some of them. Few have even been pillars of support through personal crises!

Do you have any such blogging friends that eventually turned into real life friends too? How have your blogging friends made an impact on your life?

This is my sixth post for 2015 AprilAtoZ.
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Want to Add Something?

Vinay Leo R. said...

I've made many such blogging friends, Chicky :) Met a lot of them at blog meets, and outside of them too. Now one of them is such a close, real friend that we meet each other at least once in a fortnight if not more often, and go book hunting together! Nothing as fun as that!

I like the points you say. I'd say leave a meaningful comment. It'll help more than just leaving a comment. After all, even friends want to know they are being read, not that we're "just" commenting. :) The challenges, they help. but not to a great extent and not as much as comments. Challenges and link ups end, but comments and blogging don't. Right?

the little princess said...

super!! here's where I met the lovely 'you'...so yes thumbs up to this post! valid points... all of them!

Archana Chaurasia Kapoor said...

totally agree! :-) glad to find another blogging friend Kaddu! :-)

Chicky said...

All very valid points, Leo. I completely agree.

Chicky said...

Hahaha! Thank you, princess! :D

Chicky said...

Thank you, Archana! Are you the same Archana who blogs at Spice of Life?

Shilpa Garg said...

I have met some really good people through blogging and am keen to meet quite a few more. And I am so glad that we met (keep meeting, though after larger intervals), all thanks to our blogs :)

Sanch LivingLife said...

I love the friends I've made through blogging. It definitely makes it so much more enjoyable! :)

Sanch @ Living my Imperfect Life

Chicky said...

Hahaha! Yeah, Shilpa, we need to shorten those intervals! :D

Chicky said...

Oh yes, Sanch. I got back to blogging only because of the friends I made through it!

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