A to Z of Blogging: B - Branding

With exponentially increasing content on online media, and drastically decreasing attention span of viewers, how do you get noticed?

In a blogosphere loaded with millions of bloggers, how do you stand out?

How do you make a mark? How do you NOT get forgotten?

By branding your blog.

Why is branding important?

Your “brand” is like your signature. It reflects on who you are, your personality, and the way you choose to project yourself to the community. At a glance, it tells your readers what to expect from your blog and how you are different from the rest.

Here are a few things you can work upon to create a “brand identity” for your blog.

Create a Brand Identity for your Blog

  • Blog Name.
    What is your blog about? Do you post recipes? Or poems? Or stories? Or reviews? Or is it a personal blog about your life anecdotes? Think carefully. Choose a blog name that tells the reader what your blog is about.

  • Domain Name.
    It is the “www.xyz.com” that people type in their browser to get to your blog. Ideally, it should be
    1. similar to your blog name to avoid confusion,
    2. short, easy to spell, and catchy, so that people can remember it, and
    3. free from the possibility of creating a “Haawww” moment (e.g. ‘WhoRepresents.com’, without the letters in caps, can also be read as ‘WhorePresents.com’!)

  • Header.
    It’s the first thing people see when they visit your blog. So make it personal. Make it about you. Make it about your blog. Remember that thing about “first impressions”?

  • Colors.
    If it’s a company blog, then obviously it’s best to stick to the official company colors. If it’s a personal blog, then do a little Google research on colors and identify what colors go best with your personality, and then use them on your blog. (e.g. An orange blog theme would say that you’re a friendly blogger and encourage interaction on your blog.)

  • Design.
    I have covered this point in greater detail under ‘D’. For now, keep in mind that your blog design adds to the overall end-user experience of your readers. It can be used to emphasize your “brand identity” in subtle ways. (e.g. I have these tiny smiling pumpkins all over my blog to emphasize on the fact that this blog is authored by 'Kaddu', which is the Hindi word for pumpkin!)

  • Avatar.
    That little image that shows up against your comments on other people’s blogs. Pick an avatar that lets people recognize you (or your blog). It could be your face (preferably a smiling one) or even your blog logo in case of niche blogs. Generic avatars don’t leave that deep an impression.

These are a few, simple ways that you can use to create a brand identity for your blog. It would not only help in getting you noticed and remembered in the blogosphere, but would also create a consistency in the overall reader experience.

Have you used any of these elements in creating your blog’s brand identity? Which ones? Do you recommend any other pointers for branding your blog?

This is my second post for 2015 AprilAtoZ.
Link to the previous post: A to Z of Blogging: A - Arsenal.

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Want to Add Something?

Vinay Leo R. said...

:) yeah. I agree. but it's good if u r self hosted or on blogspot if u want personalization like headers and colors and such. Wordpress free blogs don't offer that.

I have some branding of course, like blog name and domain and (sort of an) avatar. But I guess being in blogsville for a while helps as branding too :D

Liked the post, CK!

Chicky said...

Totally agree with that, Leo. That's one of the main reasons why I don't use wordpress. God knows how much money I'd have to spend on my blog to have these things on wordpress! I'm a typical "kanjoos" marwari! :P

Oh yes. You're among the veterans of Indian blogosphere, I'd say! :D

Thanks, Leo! Will drop by shortly to see what you and Bhavya have written on today.

Shilpa Garg said...

Great pointers! I am laughing at the domain name example you shared.
I checked Starbucks website recently, http://www.meetmeatstarbucks.in, I was reading it as Meet Meat Starbucks. I found it weird and I got it only when I read the details of this campaign, which is Meet Me At Starbucks :D

Chicky said...

Hahahaha! Shilpa, that's exactly how I was reading it too! :D

Sanch LivingLife said...

Agree on all counts. I guess the logo is now used as an alternative to the header for several blogs. I know when I join linkup parties, I leave my logo as it's my brand and is recognisable.

the little princess said...

Hmmm agree with vinay...and ur pointers will be really helpful to people who want to blog but dont know how to get started.

Susan Taylor said...

This is the second blog post I have read on branding this morning, but this one really speaks to me personally about my own blog. I have been blogging for quite awhile, but haven't been able to find the key to getting a wide readership. I think your points are excellent and I'll be seeing how I can apply them. Nice post!


Aparna said...

Nice info...thanks for sharing

Stacey said...

This is something I definitely need to work on. I just kinda decided to run with it and learn as I do things, but I do need to make sure I'm recognizable.

The Solitary Writer said...

Now this is a super insightful blog post. I recommend this blog post to every new blogger. Too Good!

Kathe W. said...


Vinay Leo R. said...

Follow may not be there, Chicky :) But its so much easier for me to read and comment today than it was yesterday when mobile template wasn't there :) Gracias :D

Chicky said...

Sanch, you have created a remarkable brand identity for your blog. I have learnt a lot from you!

Chicky said...

@little princess: Good to see you again! :) And thanks for the appreciative words

Chicky said...

Thank you, Susan. I'm glad you could relate to these points. Hope they prove useful to you. :)

Chicky said...

Thanks Aparna :)

Chicky said...

Hello Stacey. Thank you for dropping by. I suppose we're all still learning new things every day we blog. :)

Chicky said...

@ The Solitary Writer : Thank you so much! :)

Chicky said...

Thanks Kathe!

Chicky said...

You're welcome, Leo! :D

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