Wordless Wednesday: Our Facebook Friends!

Picture Credit: FB Community

P.S. - I think I fall under the "intellectuals". What do you say?

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One Year Old

That's right. My shop is now one-year old. I promised new pics in my previous post. Here they are...

(This is what it looked like earlier - "Humble Beginnings")

There's more stock now, more variety, more racks, more tables, but, thankfully, it still doesn't look cluttered. Oh wait! Those thermocol sheets in pic 3 look out of alignment! Tch!

Never mind... will take care of it later!

Main thing is that I kind of like my shop. It's been over a year, and I still look forward to going to my shop every day, even with all the extra work it means for me.

I guess that's how life is when your heart is in it, right?