Unlocked Again

It's been six months since I "locked-up" and walked away from this space, with absolutely no intention of ever coming back, but here I am again, on this New Year's Eve! Looks like the blog had yet another life left! :)

Jokes apart though, I wouldn't be typing this post today if not for these two people - MB and OB. Thanks, both of you, for all the good advice and constant support! And yes, your patience too! :)

The circumstances that drove me away haven't changed. Neither have my views about Indians. But, I'm hoping that six months would have given certain people enough time to introspect on their behavior and perhaps acquire a certain level of maturity and contentment with their own lives so that they don't feel the urge to constantly encroach upon mine.

That aside, 2014 has been a mixed year.

A dear friend passed away a few months ago. His death came as a complete shock, just like mom's, with no opportunity to share one last smile or say a final goodbye. I would be lying if I say I've gotten over it. How does one get over such things anyway?

On a positive note though, my health has steadily improved, and the shop is growing day by day, thanks to the love and support of all my well-wishers. Will share some recent pics soon.

In the meanwhile, stay happy, people. Live and let live.

Wish you all a blessed New Year!