When The Heavens Opened Up!

This is what the heavens (or hell, whatever you prefer to call it!) showered on us today...

Another hailstorm... yes!

That's the balcony from my bedroom. Look at all the snow lying around?

And this next one was taken by Dad while I was gathering them in a pile, away from the drain.

We had similar piles in two of our balconies actually. So it was quite a lot of snow for a small apartment unit! I wanted to collect all that snow in a bucket, to build a small snowman out of it. (That has been one of my childhood dreams that's never got fulfilled till now!)

Unfortunately, because of the direction of the accompanying rainfall, and the poor construction quality of the building I stay in, a lot of rainwater had come inside the rooms, through the *closed* windows and doors! (Yes... *closed*!) So there was no time for pursuing that particular dream; I had to first get the place all dried up!

Fortunately, today being our "stock-purchasing" day, we happened to be at home that time. Had it been any other day than Monday, we'd have returned home at night, to find our house completely flooded, and the mattresses, in those two rooms, soaked to the core!

Unfortunately (again!), my shop also has windows along that same direction, and though they aren't as bad as the ones at my home, they do let some water trickle in. We keep the racks at a safe distance from the wall, so that our stock remains dry, but water does collect on the floor in the shop. So after drying up the house, we immediately had to rush to the shop, to do the same there!

Bottomline: No snowman for me even today! Sighhhh! :(

We eventually changed our weekly stock-purchasing day from Monday to Saturday.

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Shilpa Garg said...

I clicked pics from my balcony too and can you believe the grass in the park was covered by a white blanket completely!! What's happening to the weather in this desert state of ours!! I guess, snowman cannot be made with this hail pile, I guess, it has to be snow!!

Chicky said...

Yeah, I suppose so :(

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