Remember those grapes that used to tempt Yuvraj so much once upon a time? Yes, yes... the very same ones that I blogged about here in this post!

Look what Dad brought for them! :D

Can you make out which ones are real and which are plastic? :D

Number Slumber!

So we were closing for the day. I updated the day's sales on the computer, and then Dad counted the cash and I updated that too. And just then I noticed that we were Rs. 13 short of hitting the 20,000 sales figure! Only Rs. 13!

So I told Dad - "Let's wait for another 10 minutes... maybe some customer would drop by and help us cross that 20K milestone today!"

Dad agreed (as if he had any choice!)... and I started sending out mental signals to the Universe to bring another customer to my shop to help me cross 20,000. Two minutes passed, then five minutes, then the entire 10 minutes were up. Nope... no customer! :(

Amidst a lot of deep sighs, I finally decided to call it a day, took the necessary backups on my pen drive and told the computer to "shut down". Then, as I was gathering my stuff in my handbag, I told Dad - "Now I know how Sachin Tendulkar must have felt when he got out at 99."

Picture Credit: Satish Acharya (

Dad, who had been watching me with silent amusement all that time, started laughing at this, and said "Imagine if you had another customer who bought stuff now worth Rs. 12!"

I shushed him for even suggesting such an eventuality, and then turned around to switch off the lights. Before I could reach the switchboard though, he called me back. Guess what! Another customer!

Yayyyy! I was going to cross the 20,000 mark today!

I was so happy, I could hardly keep myself from grinning!

But I was in for disappointment! Their total sale amount was going to be only Rs. 8!

What rotten luck! I was still Rs. 5 short! :(

Then there was some confusion... they had a change of mind! They added something more to their purchase... so that finally it totaled up to (you won't believe this!)... Rs. 12!

Which made my total sales - Rs. 19,999 !!!


Right! You guys give company to my Dad, while I slumber on this annoying figure of "19,999"!

Humble Beginnings

Sometimes, it takes a close encounter with death to make us start living our dreams.

Since late 2008, I have dreamt of having my own business... not the virtual online kind that so many of us are venturing into these days, but a real tangible place, where I sell goods/services to customers in person and not just to email IDs or Facebook profiles or mobile numbers!

My Dad wouldn't let me do this though, citing several reasons, the most important ones being:
1) the risk involved with the capital invested in the business, and
2) the future of the business in the event of my marriage.

My illness in August last year, however, led to some serious medical complications. "Serious" as in "life-&-death" type serious. (I didn't mention this here earlier, or to anyone in touch with me on a one-to-one basis back then, 'coz I was afraid that talking about it would make the worst come true somehow!)

Anyway, that entire phase of my life is enshrouded by a thick layer of fog now (as is customary of nature -- it blocks out the most stressful parts of our life in order to protect us from pain). So I don't remember exactly how this happened, but Dad finally realized that he didn't care for any of those reasons anymore; he just cared for my happiness. So he agreed to let me have my own shop/office/whatever-I-wanted-to-call-it, if only we could find a suitable location that we could afford.

Fortunately, with the help of a lot of Reiki, we found just the right place! In fact, the previous tenant of this shop vacated the place just about a week after Dad started inquiring in the neighborhood, for a shop on rent! There were a few obstacles, yes, but I guess even Reiki knew that my life depended on this shop now. So it diligently kept removing those obstacles. And on December 13th, 2013... the very same day that Vasundhara Raje took oath as the new CM here... I officially opened my new "neighborhood shop"!

I know you all would have a lot of questions about it - "What do you sell there?", "What does it look like?", and so on! So I am sharing a few recent pics with you here.

It's called Kopy 'n' Kitab, by the way, continuing the 'K' series... Kadzilla's eStudio and KraftyFingers (both of which have ended up as sort of unofficial subsidiaries of Kopy 'n' Kitab!)... and this is what it looks like at the moment...

That's the front of my shop, with a boutique opposite it, hence the female models in the display!

And that's Dad, manning the cash counter. I tend to return extra change to the customers, so this place is reserved for Dad, in order to ensure financial viability of the venture!

The stock! Office stationery, school stationery, colors (one entire shelf dedicated to the hobby range!), pens (loads of them!), even kiddies' slates and chalks!

More stock! Notebooks, coloring & activity books, board books for toddlers, stickers, different kinds of papers, even tattoos!

My workstation! This is where I run Kadzilla's eStudio Kasin Websoft from... unofficially, of course! And KraftyFingers has its space reserved at the back, behind those curtains. That's where I'll start hobby classes for kids, in their summer vacations.

This is it then... a cross between a shop and an office... and, in future, a hobby school as well! It's a small start, but I figured I should first learn the "ABC" of running a business, and the "book" would write itself automatically when the time is right! Right? :)

As for my health, it is still not fully okay... but I'm getting there... slowly... one day at a time! :)