Unknown Calls?

How does one give blank calls to someone from a phone that shows up on the receiver's Caller-ID as "unknown"? I.e. no name, no phone number... just an "Unknown" in the received call log.

Ok maybe the "blank call" bit was courtesy BSNL... it keeps doing that with me for even known callers who are in my phone contact list. But how do we pull-off the "unknown" stunt? Is it even possible to completely hide your number from the person whom you are calling? Or is it just a technical glitch?

I got 2 "blank" calls from "unknown" last night. Most probably, it was some technical error, but if it was a genuine person calling, then I must say... that person was a definite winner of the "Bad Timings Award!"

There I was, all snuggled up in 2 blankets, just drifting away into the warm embrace of sleep, after a long and tiring day of fighting my severe illness, when my phone's vibrator started buzzing... at 11:35 pm! Yes, 11:35 pm! And that's when I don't even do night shifts these days!

In fact, on normal days, my phone is usually switched off by 10:30 pm. It's only because I'm so unwell currently that I have to keep my phone on so that I can call Dad from his room if I need something during the night.

Anyway, I told Dad about that call in the morning today. He asked me to check my pre-paid balance in the phone! :P The balance was there alright, but we're still suspicious that my phone might have got hacked by that "unknown".

Is that possible? Is it advisable not to answer calls from "unknown"?

Technology is mostly a blessing, but at times it does seem to become a curse, doesn't it?

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