In the Spotlight

Finally some recognition for the awesome entertainment I've been providing to the blogging community, day after day, month after month, for 6.5 years!

Remember that Blogadda "Write over Weekend" post I did last month? On how I met my current best friend? It got selected among the best "WOW" entries that week! And to think that it was an absolutely last-minute entry! Literally! Check the time stamp on that post - 11:59 pm!

It was my very first "WOW" entry by the way, and I got this badge for it! Isn't that cool? :D

Actually, I should have posted about this weeks ago (probably 3 weeks ago), but I only found out about it yesterday! What to do... I am a bit haywired that way! Please, blog buddies... do let me know if you ever happen to see my name "making waves" in the blogosphere! :D :P

Coming back to the spotlight, I have some more "showing-off" to do today. Remember my another last-minute hair-pulling entry for the ramp-ready hair contest by IndiBlogger and TRESemmé? Oh well, I'm talking about this post. I won a Panasonic Hair Straightener for it! :D :D :D

No kidding! Check it out for yourself... here's the link where they've declared the results of the contest. Just scroll down the page, look at the bottom of the right sidebar, and where it says "30x Panasonic Hair Straighteners", click on the "See Winners" button below that. See my name in that list? "Chicky Kadambari"... looks good, no? :D

Yes, yes... I know... I need to add a display pic there. It's on my to-do list. I'm sure that some day very soon, the stars and planets will be in that perfect alignment, and a display pic will be added back to my IndiBlogger profile!

And yes, I also know that it would've been so much more awesome if I'd won a Tab... [eying hungrily at it in the other browser window]... but one day (I'm sure), the stars and planets will be kind enough for that too! [Sending more pink hearts to the Tab, from my eyes, with a thought balloon above my head, saying "Come to me... come to me... come soon to me...!"] :D :D :D

Thank you, Blogadda and IndiBlogger, for finally recognizing my great worth in the Indian blogosphere! And thank YOU, my readers, for motivating me to keep writing! Please DO check out my complete "trumpet-blowing" act here!

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Want to Add Something?

Blogwati Gee said...

Kya baat, kya baat.................kya baat! Ekdum super se upar wali baat ho gayi yeh toh! Here's wishing you many, many more. Cheers!

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

Congratulations Chicky. More to come. :)

Chicky a.k.a. Kaddu said...

@Blogwati Gee - Hahaha! Mithun da style ekdam? :P
Thank you sooooo much! <3 :D

Chicky a.k.a. Kaddu said...

Thanks Preetilata! :D
As they say "tumhare mooh mein ghee-shakkar... or whatever you like best!" :P :D

Corinne Rodrigues said...

Surprised it took so long for them to recognize you, Chicky! Well done - and good luck. ♥

Chicky a.k.a. Kaddu said...

Thank you Corinne! :D

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