DID Super Moms Auditions

Finally, one of my two favorite TV shows is back! Dance India Dance! This time, with "super moms"! [suuuper happy]

Marzi and Farah, in the auditions, remind me of Abhiroop and me, in our normal conversations. No matter what Marzi says, Farah twists it around, so that somehow the joke is on Marzi. Poor fellow is left speechless most of the times. (Abhiroop usually ends up stuttering though.) Even Marzi's Hindi is as masha-allah as Abhiroop's!

Are you reading this, OB? I know what you're thinking... "Now she's taken to ragging me on the blog too! Grrrrr..." Hehehehe! :P :D

By the way, I saw Dharmendra ji on the show, along with Bobby Deol. The way Dharmendra ji danced with one of the contestant moms, it appeared he's still more young-hearted than his son! :P

Oh but this song... of Bobby Deol... "Chori chori jab nazrein mili"... it brought back so many memories...

My sister used to be crazy about Bobby Deol back in those days. I used to buy Bobby Deol posters for her, and then talk rubbish about him just to annoy her! It was fun! But I need to be careful on this space now... my sister read yesterday's post, AND all the three posts I linked from it! And she's going to be keeping a close eye now, on what's published here...

So anyway, coming back to the song... I found it on youtube... have played it already for about half-a-dozen times... now sharing it here...

(Note: If you're reading this post in a feed reader or email subscription, you'll have to click through the post title to view it in a browser, 'coz the embedded videos apparently don't show up in the feed.)

Isn't it cute... like in a very old-fashioned, uncomplicated way? The girl's blushing, the guy's grinning idiotically... sighhhhh... innocent young love! Gives you such a warm fuzzy feeling, doesn't it? And I loved the way Bobby Deol played with that yellow sari in the song! And all those diyas in the water at the very beginning of the song... they were just beautiful!

. . .

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Abhiroop Banerjee said...

Dance India Dance is stupid. And my Hindi is fine. Buh.

Chicky a.k.a. Kaddu said...

:D :D :D

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