Ramp Ready... with TRESemmé!

After two fortunate extensions in the deadline, Renie (of IndiBlogger) informed me that 15th May 2013 was indeed the final "last date" for submitting my entry in the TRESemmé Ramp Ready Hair contest.

Why "fortunate" extensions? Because my hair was not ready for the ramp then!

Why wasn't it ready? Because I'm a complete dumbo when it comes to makeup, fashion and anything related to styling!

Here's the story from the beginning...

There was this email announcement from IndiBlogger, about a TRESemmé Ramp Ready Hair contest. We had to apply for a free sample of the TRESemmé Shampoo + Conditioner, and once we received it, we could check out the interactive TRESemmé India Youtube channel, follow any of their awesome hairstyle tutorials on it (to style our hair), and then post pictures of our ramp ready hair for the contest.

I got my free sample kit, and then opened their youtube channel with much excitement and anticipation. (Till then, I had no idea that you could even learn to style your hair on youtube!) Their DIY hairstyle tutorials were categorized according to hair type -- wavy, curly and straight. And even though I have straight hair, still I went through ALL of those tutorials... wishing I had a magic wand, so I could change my hair type from straight to wavy or curly, anytime I wanted to! But, as they say, if wishes were horses, we'd all fly... right! (Sigghhhh)

So, after a lot of day-dreaming, I eventually decided to get down to work on my straight hair. Their video channel had 3 hairstyles for me...

  • The Twisted Hairband seemed too twisted to even try, for someone who has trouble using a hair clutcher properly!

  • The Balloon Ponytail wasn't going to work with my shoulder length hair.

  • That left the Butterfly Ponytail then, and it seemed quite simple too... at least in the video. Here... you also watch it...

See... it really is simple, isn't it? I figured I'd start with this, and once I got a hang of it, then I'd give the Twisted Hairband a shot too. But, gosh! I'm so embarrassed to even confess this... I couldn't even manage to work out this simple hairstyle! The ponytail refused to go inside the "parting" created above the rubberband!

I tried and tried and tried! First one "last date" was extended. (Not because of me though... it was just some fortunate goof up by the courier company!) Then the second "last date" was extended too. Finally, it was set to today. All this while, I kept thanking my stars for giving me more time to get the Butterfly Ponytail right. And all this while, I still kept failing miserably at it! In the meanwhile, I browsed through more DIY videos in their youtube channel, hoping to get something (gulpp!) simpler than the Butterfly Ponytail, but that was totally unrealistic, right?

Finally, today being the last "last date", I just decided to go with the usual "boring" styles. And let me clarify here... they might be "boring" for other girls, but for me, even these were quite an adventure!

Here's the first one... the "most daring" one...

As you can see, I lost control of the "braid" somewhere in the middle! Then I fumbled with a clutcher...

Usually, I have some hair sticking out from the top of the clutcher, giving my hair a very disheveled kinda look. Or the clutcher refuses to settle in the center of my head. Today, I got it in place in just one attempt! It was almost as if the usual friction in my hair was missing... like they'd become obedient all of a sudden! Miracle!

Encouraged by my success with the clutcher, I decided to try this hair comb that I'd purchased 3 years ago, but had never been able to use it 'coz... well, I don't know... it just looked so "messy"!

This is how it looked today though... not bad too, haan? :D So maybe I'll get some fancier hair combs now! :P

And finally... the "raw material" available to me for all this styling...

My hair left open to shine on in their full glory! Hahahah!

While taking these pictures, Dad commented that my hair has become straighter and smoother than it used to be. Obviously, I had to verify this with my own eyes! So I hunted in my "photographs" folder and found this picture taken in January this year...

See the difference? See all those strands of hair sticking out in all directions? All that frizz? Well that's practically gone! Not only that, I noticed that my hairfall problem has reduced by at least half since I started using the TRESemmé Shampoo + Conditioner! But those are the "after-use" effects.

During the use, I noticed that the hair feels clean after just one wash with TRESemmé, while I had to wash it twice every "shampoo day" with my regular shampoo. And the conditioner spreads through the hair so easily that I needed only one third of the quantity I use of my regular conditioner.

Bottomline is... I'm quite pleased with the results of this testing kit of TRESemmé Shampoo + Conditioner. I might make it my "regular shampoo and conditioner" now. As for the hair styling... I've decided I'll leave the more artistic styles for a professional stylist... or my pillow!

For those of you who missed the post about my "hairstylist pillow", this hair style was done for me by my pillow... and it looks just perfect for the ramp, doesn't it? Oh alright then... at least it would be a "winner" on a ramp meant for "sleepy heads"! :D :D :D

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Abhiroop Banerjee said...

Kaddubhai, kya hair-istyle maarela hai boss!

Chicky a.k.a. Kaddu said...

Abhiroop, tum kya Mumbai ki trip laga ke aaye ho? :D

Meena said...

u think shorter hair will suit u?

Chicky a.k.a. Kaddu said...

Meena, I think they do. The rest of my family gets so angry whenever I get them cut short though. But then I like to leave the "long tresses" loose too in parties! So I guess a magic wand would have seriously been nice in this case. Shorter, manageable hair for everyday, and long tresses when I wanted to play princess. Curly or wavy too at the flick of a wand.

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