May 2013: Photo A Day Challenge

Less than an hour left for the day to end, and I'm about to write two new posts! Yes, I know I'm crazy! But I can't help it this time! I just read Shilpa's new post in my feed reader, and found out about this new "Photo a Day Challenge" by fatmumslim. Remember I did one such challenge last year in March... the "2012 March Photo A Day Challenge"!

I didn't do any more of them last year, 'coz I didn't find the daily topics of the subsequent challenges interesting enough. But the May 2013 list of topics looks real catchy, and I want to do it again this time! Hence, this last minute post! Here's what we need to photograph and post this month...

"2013 May Photo A Day"

Gosh! I can't believe I'm signing up for another round of daily blogging right after completing the previous one! I'm definitely crazy! Wish me luck! And bloggers... please DO give advance notice of such daily-blogging challenges in future! Phewwww!


Here's a list of the posts filed under this series (I'm adding them as I keep completing them):

Day 1 - Photo A Day: I Bought This - Colorful Vegetables!
Day 2 - Photo A Day: Morning Ritual - Tea & Toast!
Day 3 - Photo A Day: This Is Really Good! - Amul Flaavyo Mango
Day 4 - Photo A Day: In My Cup - Chocolate Parfaits
Day 5 - Photo A Day: Paper - Paper Napkin Flowers
Day 6 - Photo A Day: Broken - Broken Heart
Day 7 - Photo A Day: Something Beginning With F - Flames
Day 8 - Photo A Day: Shape - Wordless Wednesday: Benzene Ring
Day 9 - Photo A Day: A Snack - Pakodi & Coriander Chutney
Day 10 - Photo A Day: Stars - Glow-In-The-Dark Stars
Day 11 - Photo A Day: A Smile - Toothy Smile!
Day 12 - Photo A Day: Mother - Roles Of A Mother
Day 13 - Photo A Day: Sunrise/Sunset - Sunset - Fire & Smoke!
Day 14 - Photo A Day: Need - Ten On Tuesday: 10 Needs
Day 15 - Photo A Day: 7 o'clock - Morning Alarm
Day 16 - Photo A Day: Mailbox - Array of Mailboxes
Day 17 - Photo A Day: Season - Summer Sandstorms in Jaipur
Day 18 - Photo A Day: Want - Plants
Day 19 - Photo A Day: My Favorite View - Sunrise
Day 20 - Photo A Day: Light - Diwali Celebrations
Day 21 - Photo A Day: I Care About This... - Orderliness
Day 22 - Photo A Day: Change - Best of Waste
Day 23 - Photo A Day: PJs - All Girls' PJ Party!
Day 24 - Photo A Day: Go - Grand Prix Junior
Day 25 - Photo A Day: Us - Papa & Daughters
Day 26 - Photo A Day: Fave Thing To Do On Sunday - Book, Bed & Coffee
Day 27 - Photo A Day: Can't Live Without - Music
Day 28 - Photo A Day: What You're Doing Now - Recycling / Flower Making
Day 29 - Photo A Day: Kiss - Kissed in Red
Day 30 - Photo A Day: Tool - My Camera
Day 31 - Photo A Day: Four Things - My Fairy Pen Holder

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