Jun 2013: Photo A Day Challenge

Hope you enjoyed going through last month's daily photo blogging on miss_teerious. In case you missed any of it, you can find it all here - "2013 May Photo A Day Challenge".

If you'd also like to check out what photographs I posted in the daily photo challenge of last year, please click on this link - "2012 March Photo A Day Challenge"

And finally, I'm starting on another exciting month of photography! The daily prompts for June 2013 are given in the picture below. If any of you would like to participate, just leave a comment on this post and let me know. You don't even need to have a blog for participating. You can share your daily photographs on Facebook, or Twitter, or Instagram, if you use it.

"2013 June Photo A Day"

Once again, I will keep updating this page, with links to the posts in this series, as I complete them.

Day 1 - Photo A Day: B is for... - Basket
Day 2 - Photo A Day: A Moment - Washing Hands
Day 3 - Photo A Day: On My Table - Glass Painting Lamp
Day 4 - Photo A Day: After Dark - Desertion, Loneliness... Desolation?
Day 5 - Photo A Day: Environment - Think.Eat.Save.
Day 6 - Photo A Day: Transport - Boat In Goa
Day 7 - Photo A Day: Bright - Orange Sunshine
Day 8 - Photo A Day: An Animal - Suicidal Cricket
Day 9 - Photo A Day: From Down Low - Green Canopy
Day 10 - Photo A Day: You! - My Shadow Self
Day 11 - Photo A Day: Something Funny - The Junior Janitor!
Day 12 - Photo A Day: 11 O'Clock - Chef In A Rush
Day 13 - Photo A Day: Kitchen - Morning Ritual
Day 14 - Photo A Day: Texture - Feather On Handmade Paper
Day 15 - Photo A Day: From Above - Empty Playground
Day 16 - Photo A Day: Family - Shiv Parivaar
Day 17 - Photo A Day: Centered - Center Of Attraction
Day 18 - Photo A Day: Street - Elephant Ride
Day 19 - Photo A Day: Currently Reading - Celestial Bodies In Orbit
Day 20 - Photo A Day: Cute - Junior Radha Rani
Day 21 - Photo A Day: Lunchtime - Lunch With Dad
Day 22 - Photo A Day: Enjoying Life - In Goa Again
Day 23 - Photo A Day: Last - Little Hearts Biscuit
Day 24 - Photo A Day: Negative Space - Hibiscus On the Wall
Day 25 - Photo A Day: Sharp - Pencil Point
Day 26 - Photo A Day: Empty - Swings in the Playground
Day 27 - Photo A Day: Into The Sun - Taj Mahal at Agra
Day 28 - Photo A Day: Red - Red Chilli Powder
Day 29 - Photo A Day: In My Bag - Shopping
Day 30 - Photo A Day: Handwriting - Mom's Recipes

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