10 New Blog Changes ~ Ten On Tuesday

Based on the feedback received on that reader-poll I conducted the other day, I have implemented certain changes in my blog in the last 2 days. They are as follows:

  1. Changed my Blog Header image, because the colorful wordle in the middle was confusing my readers and distracting them away from the main content (post) on my blog. Also reduced the height of the header image to make optimum use of the area above the fold.

  2. Removed the 'Facebook like' and other 'share' buttons from the top of the post to give immediate visibility to my main content (post). Those buttons now remain only at the bottom of the posts. I also removed the pumpkin image from the post-title CSS to de-clutter that space.

  3. Removed the 'about me', 'find me on', 'subscribe by email', and 'FB page' sections from the sidebar, as these options are given elsewhere too, in the blog pages, and were just using up space unnecessarily.

  4. Also removed the 'KraftyFingers' feed from the sidebar, as I won't be updating that site for a while now. It freed up space to add a similar 'Latest' posts section in the sidebar instead.

  5. Trackers, like the 'Indiblogger rank' and 'Goodreads challenge', weren't really serving any purpose. So they're gone. Histats tracker has been moved down to the footer.

  6. Gave the Comment Form a whole new look, and also added a custom 'comment form message' to make the comment process simpler for my non-blogger/non-techie readers. Added a direct 'Share your Feedback/Comment' link too, at the end of the posts, for the same purpose.

  7. The blog archives remain expanded (hierarchy view), though I have unchecked the 'Show Post Titles' option. The sidebar scroll got reduced considerably by this one step alone! Now let's see if this works with my readers.

  8. My sister pointed out that using my miniscule cartoon favicon as a link for 'Home', just below the comment form, was downright idiotic, 'coz it looked like a floating ghost, and none of my readers would be able to relate it to my homepage! So that's gone as well! You'll see a standard 'home' icon in its place now. [grins sheepishly]

  9. Edited the About page (to improve readability of content) and the Potpourri page (to make it more precise and to-the-point). Will be making some changes to the KBL-T30 and Services page too tomorrow.

  10. Added a sticky 'Back to Top' button on the bottom left corner of the screen, so that my readers don't have to scroll all the way back to the top of my blog, after reading one of my typically looooong posts!

I was also in half-a-mind to remove the category cloud from the sidebar, as I don't see it on most popular blogs nowadays. I thought I was probably the only one using it here. Apparently, I was wrong! I was told that it represents the diversity of content on my blog, at a glance. So I should let it stay. Which is okay, I guess, as I don't have any redundant tags anyway (e.g. book/ books/ book reviews)! Now I just need to add two more sections in the sidebar, and then I'll be done with this round of design changes on my blog.

So what do you guys think about them? Do you find it easier to navigate through my content here now? Please DO share your feedback and any other suggestions.

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This is my 23rd post for 2013 April Spring Cleaning Challenge.
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Jidhu Jose said...

Its really appreciable changes

Chicky a.k.a. Kaddu said...

@Jidhu: Thanks! :D

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