Snack Time!

Did you have any favorites for your school lunch-box? Any particular snacks or dishes that you'd ask your mom to pack for you every few days?

My personal favorites were:

  • Maggi Noodles (Can't imagine now why I was so crazy about them back then!)

  • Parathas & this particular boiled-potato vegetable that my mom used to make. (I still haven't been able to get that taste when I make it!)

  • Lemon rice made from the previous day's leftover rice. (We, i.e. sis & I, actually asked her to make extra rice, so that we could take lemon rice to school next day!)

  • Bread slices soaked in milk and cooked on a roti tawa, or skillet, from both sides, with some sugar or salt-and-pepper sprinkled on the top.

  • And this...!

    ... Sandwiches made of bread, butter, coriander chutney and bhujia! We also liked this bhujia-sandwich with tomato sauce, instead of coriander chutney!

I recently had this coriander-chutney-bhujia-sandwich again, after a long long time, and I realized it still tastes as yummy as it used to in school!

Do any of you also make bhujia-sandwiches? Do you like them? Do you make them differently? Do share in the comments below.

This is my fourth post for 2013 April Spring Cleaning Challenge.
Link to the previous post: "Wordless Wednesday: Go Green!"

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Abhiroop Banerjee said...

Now this is my kinda toast. I mean post. Encore, encore. The bhujia sandwich looks great. We mixed tomato ketchup with coca cola to make a margarita once. Didn't work. These days, I'm hooked to Gunpowder. It's an Andhra Pradesh seasoning. I sprinkled it on a bowl of crushed crack jack biscuits the other day.

Chicky a.k.a. Kaddu said...

Gunpowder seasoning... to get the charcoal grilled flavor? But why would you sprinkle it on a bowl of crushed crack jack biscuits? For that matter, why would you crush crack jack biscuits?

Shilpa Garg said...

I have heard a lot of people talking about bhujia sandwich, but I have never tasted one... will try it now that I seen it. Even we make rice extra to make a Tahiri (Pulao).

Chicky a.k.a. Kaddu said...

Do try it Shilpa... and yeah, don't put too much bhujia in it 'coz it tends to fall out while eating. I'm going to try a bhujia-paratha-roll with imli ki chutney one of these days... should taste good, I think. In fact, make that "aloo ka paratha"... should taste like chaat!

Abhiroop Banerjee said...

No..they came crushed. I mean I the biscuit aisle is the first one in the store. So they went to the bottom of the cart. Then they came up right at the top, heaving and ho-ing at the check-out counter. Then they went back to the bottom when the shopping was bagged because they were the first to be picked up. Too much abuse for a humble crumble no?

Though I wasn't a fussy eater, I craved variety. So mum would try to put something different in my tiffin box every day. My classmates, who weren't as much of a nuisance to their parents, nicknamed me Abhiroop Bawarjee (Bawarchee, geddit?) for the innovative contents of my rather capacious tiffin dabba. .

Abhiroop Banerjee said...


Chicky a.k.a. Kaddu said...

Interesting. I found a different recipe for the gunpowder seasoning. Does your mom make it at home, or do you buy it from somewhere? I would like to try it. If possible, do bring some with you when you come over to Jaipur next time.

Abhiroop Banerjee said...

We buy it wherever we get it. The last time I thought about about coming to Jaipur you said you will lock me up in the guest bathroom.

Chicky a.k.a. Kaddu said...

I did not say that! I said I would lock you out of my house! You cannot distort facts like that... it's wrong!

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