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I've been writing book reviews here for a while. A lot of bloggers have been doing it for a lot longer than me. I get to read some of them every now and then. I get to read book reviews on sites like goodreads etc. too.

Many of the reviews I come across (especially where free review copies of books were sent to the reviewers/bloggers) are mostly just praise. At times, I've even come across reviews that gave the impression that the reviewer never even bothered to read the book! In fact, I personally know of people who do this - post book reviews without actually reading the book.

Blogger Reviews Books

As for me... to be completely honest with you guys, I spend a lot of time writing my reviews! It's never a quick 20-minute blogpost-writing stint for me... especially if I'm reviewing a new author, or someone who's not yet established in the mainstream bestsellers list!

I just try to put myself in the author's shoes. If it was my first book, what would I want from my readers? Word-of-mouth publicity, yes. But, even more importantly, I would want their feedback... honest, unbiased feedback. What they liked about my book, what they didn't; what areas were okay, but could have been better with a little more work; what kind of changes might have made the book better; which parts completely sucked... and so on. I mean, I wouldn't just want to be a "one-book-show", would I? I would like to take my writing to such a level that every new book from me made it to the bestseller list!

And that's exactly what I assume about all new authors whose books I review here... that they would like to stick around for a long long time too... leave behind a rich legacy of quality writing.

Feedback is crucial for that. Whatever our area of work, none of us can improve without genuine feedback. So when I receive free copies of books for review, the least I can do in return is give those authors a proper feedback, that will help them improve their writing.

I have certain parameters on which I rate the books. And I don't post a review immediately after reading the book. I sleep on it for several days, read other people's reviews to make sure I didn't misunderstand or overlook any important aspect of the plot or the characters. In fact, when I reviewed Secret Of The Scribe, I actually read the entire book twice, before starting its review! (You'll know why when you read that review.)

I know that writing a whole book is quite an achievement! (I can't even manage to write a short story usually!) And then actually getting it published too... that's another big feather in the cap! So if a person can do these two, then I see no reason why s/he should stop one step short of making it to the international bestseller list!

Here are some of my book reviews.

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Reema Sahay said...

I am with you on this. I spend a lot of time and thought on each review, and call it narcissistic but I love reading my own reviews again and again :-) Sometimes I may spend days if I am not happy with any review.

Chicky a.k.a. Kaddu said...

LOL! Reema, I'll be posting another review today hopefully... a Dan Brown book. Of course, after I post for today's Photo-A-Day topic though!

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