The Joys of Online Shopping!

So all of you know by now how much I hate shopping. Sure I love the end result of shopping… getting new stuff! (I’m a fairly normal human being in that respect!) What I don’t like in the process is dealing with all those screaming, haggling, pushy crowds!

All these years, my shopping excursions have mostly been limited to necessity shopping. All these years, shopping used to be the one chore that I despised the most. (Even more than cooking, yeah!) I’m glad that times seem to be changing finally.

Couple of years ago, I ventured into online shopping. Initially, it was very sporadic and restricted to occasional book purchases from flipkart, but gradually, I started buying other products too off the internet… like kitchen stuff, kiddies stuff, flowers & gifts, etc. And I realized something. I was getting better discounts online than in physical stores! (Plus all the fuel cost I was saving by shopping from home!)

Then a few months ago, my sister and B-I-L were on a visit here, and my B-I-L decided to take us all out for dinner. And for the very first time in my internet experience, I came across the concept of online discount coupons! My B-I-L searched for available restaurant deal coupons in my city, and eventually found one that bought us dinner at a reasonably expensive place, at a flat 50% discount from the total bill amount!

So the next time I wanted to order Dominos Pizza and discovered that I didn’t have any of their printed coupons left, I decided to search online for some. And I came across dedicated coupon websites that had loads of discount coupons and deals, from most of the online stores in India, including Dominos! For example, here’s one you could check out... CupoNation.

Using these websites is simple enough. I can search directly for the coupons/deals of a particular store, or I can browse through a list of all the stores. I can even browse through specific categories. For example, if I need to buy an electric appliance, but, I’m not sure which online stores sell electric appliances, I can simply browse through all the coupons/deals listed under the category for electric appliances. Once I find a coupon that looks good enough, I just click on it, copy it, and use it while placing my order on that store. The deals get activated automatically as soon as I click on the button.

Nowadays, I always search on these websites for discount coupons and deals before buying anything online or going out to eat. Who knows when it might just be my lucky day and I end up saving a great deal of money!

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pooja mahimkar said...

oh wow, I did know such coupons were available online but always thought that they are no genuine but after this post I would really check them out someday now :D

Chicky a.k.a. Kaddu said...

Hi Pooja!

Seeing you here after so long :)... hope you're doing well...

Yeah these coupons are genuine alright, but occasionally, I have found an expired coupon too. Definitely worth a try though.

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