Wordless Wednesday: Emoting Eggs!

Emoting Eggs!

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Weird World of Blogging!

Strange things happen in the blogging world! A few months ago, I was trying to digest the fact that a post on 5 pairs of feet had garnered 150+ likes on Facebook! And yesterday, my Twitter page here caught my attention...

My mind's reactions on seeing this (in the sequence in which they occurred!)...

1. Oh look! A "non-zero" value against the g+ button! :D

2. TWENTY ONE people have shared this page on g+ !!! Awwsumm !!! :D :D :D

3. No wait! It's "21K"! "Twenty one THOUSAND" ??? :O :O :O

4. REALLY?... HOW?... WHEN? :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O
4. Does g+ even have 21 thousand active users? :-/

5. Forget g+! Is it normal to see a "K" against ANY share button on a personal blog like mine? :-/

6. Why THIS page? When all the other 650+ posts/pages here have exactly zero g+ shares!

7. And I don't even use g+!

8. I'm hallucinating! I must call Dad in the room to confirm if he can also see the "21K"!

9. (After Dad confirms it) Must be a technical glitch... it'll probably go away tomorrow. Let me at least save a screenshot to put in my blogging memoirs...

Tomorrow has arrived. The "21K" is still there...

Oh wait! It just turned into "22K"! :O :O :O :O

What the hell is happening? Why are people sharing my Twitter page on google plus? My tweets aren't that impressive, are they?

It HAS to be some glitch! Or maybe there's something wrong with my computer. Can any of you also see the "22K" on the Twitter page here?

P.S. - Yes, I know there are two points numbered "4" in the list above. Yes, it was deliberate. :D

Silly Saturday: Fire Exit

What are Fire Exits for?

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Homemade Gajar Ka Halwa

It's almost the end of the winter season, and I suddenly realized yesterday that I hadn't made gajar ka halwa even once this season! I checked in my refrigerator and discovered that I had plenty of carrots, but no khoya/mawa. So I decided to take some extra milk from our local milkman in the evening, and made this yum gajar ka halwa for dinner last night! I added a bit of microwave cooking in this recipe, to cut down on the cooking time. Here's how I did it.

2 large fresh carrots
500 ml milk
1 tbsp ghee (here's the recipe for my homemade ghee)
1.5 tbsp sugar (more if you prefer sweeter)
pinch of cardamom powder
2 cashew nuts for garnish


  • Peel, wash and grate the carrots.
  • Put the grated carrots in a microwave-proof container with lid, and microwave on P100 for 2 minutes (refer pic 1).
  • Heat the ghee in a heavy bottom container on the gas stove, and add the micro-cooked grated carrots, along with the cardamom powder.
  • Saute for about 2 minutes, till it starts emitting that delicious roasted smell (refer pic 2).
  • Add the milk and keep stirring off and on (on medium to high flame), till the milk dries up (refer pic 3).
  • Add the sugar now and roast for another minute or so, till the sugar melts and the halwa starts looking like it's supposed to look (refer pic 4).
  • Take it out in a large serving bowl (or serve directly in smaller individual bowls) and garnish with split cashew nuts.

Dad and I had this for dessert last night, but if it had been a between-the-meals snack, I would have served it in my usual style -- with tea and papad! Also, neither of us (Dad or me) likes dry fruits in our gajar ka halwa, so I didn't add any, but you can mix in some if you like.

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Wordless Wednesday: Halo-ed Kids

Halo-ed Kids!

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Cupids In India

That's it? You checked just the gothra?

What about religion, and caste, and the family status, and horoscopes, and all those dozen other stupid things that are apparently sooooo important in Indian matchmaking?

Frankly, who the hell even cares if they make a cute pair or not!

Matchmaking in India is really not the job for a chubby boy with a bow and arrow.

P.S.- Cupid may not be ideal for the Indian scenario, but I have nothing against Valentine's Day... as long as it's not just a superficial celebration of the "day", but, a genuine heart-felt celebration of the "love" two people share with each other.

Homemade Green Chillie Pickle

I have a weakness for pickles, especially the homemade green chillie pickle that's preserved in lime juice (unlike the mustard oil one that's usually available in market). I like it so much that I learnt how to make it, from my aunt in Kanpur, before my family left that city in 2000. It's the only pickle I know how to make, and it's quite easy really.

250 grams big green chillies
8 tbsp salt
8 tbsp rai (mustard seeds)
4 tbsp saunf (fennel seeds)
1 tbsp methi (fenugreek seeds)
pinch of heeng (asafoetida)
Juice of 2 lemons


  • Wash and dry the green chillies.
  • Roast together saunf, methi and heeng, and add the rai to the mixture, giving it a quick run through the grinder to make a coarse powder for stuffing.
  • Add the salt and a little lime juice and mix well.
  • Cut a vertical slit in each green chilli and fill in the prepared stuffing.
  • Store in a clean jar and pour in the remaining lime juice.
  • Keep the jar in the sun for a day or two and then store in a refrigerator.

There you go. Didn't I say it was a piece of cake!

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UBC Jan 2013: Rushed Reflections

The world didn't end on 21st December, 2012. Didn't even change noticeably. I was quite disappointed, to be honest, as I'd been looking forward to some excitement and chaos. So I took up a round of "Ultimate Blog Challenge" instead, in January 2013...

"2013 Jan UBC: Rushed Reflections"

My January daily-blogging stint went by in a blur. The entire month went by in a blur actually. I have been crazily busy (still am, in fact) and I wonder how I even managed to complete this round of daily-blogging!

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